Wednesday 2 July 2014

Instructions Received from directorate regarding EOD issues

Dear all

I am directed to inform that time and again, instructions were issued to pilot circles to complete their day's work maximum by 1630 hours and start EOD latest by 1700 hours so that any EOD related issues can be escalated to FSI Helpdesk. It was also told that once physical cash is tallied with Teller Cash Account in Finacle, without waiting for the reports to be generated or printed, EOD process can be started. Supervisors have to periodically verify or post transactions and see that no transaction is lying unverified or unposted. All Agents LOTs should be posted by 1630 hours by accepting the same during whole day instead of only after counter closure. BO transactions should be posted on the next day if bags are received late.

Despite all these instructions, it is noticed that more than 50% CBS post offices are starting EOD after 2000 hours and issues are being reported to helpdesk after 2000 hours. Many post offices having EOD blockings are calling DOP CBS IT Operations Team at Chennai very frequently after 2000 hours.

To streamline EOD process further and keeping in view coming roll out of more post offices, following guidelines are issued:-

(1) Concerned SPO/SSPOs/Gazetted Postmasters/Postmasters/Sub Postmasters will be held responsible if EOD is not started maximum by 1700 hours in any of CBS post office under it. If due to any unforeseen circumstances, very heavy work load is received in any office, concerned Divisional Head has to make alternate arrangement of staff to clear the pending work by 1700 hours.

(2) In case of any EOD blocking issue noticed, the same should be brought to the notice of FSI helpdesk latest by 1715 hours with copy to Incharge CPC i.e Circle SPOC. No direct mail should be sent to DOP CBS Operations IT Team Chennai by post offices. Circle SPOCs with the help of 5 member User Champions Team should first guide post office to complete transaction.

(3) Telephonic help if required by any post office should be sought from FSI Helpdesk or Circle SPOC. No direct phone call should be exchanged with DOP CBS Operations IT Team. Only Circle SPOCs will contact this team over phone or e-mail.

(4) Circle SPOCs should regularly monitor EOD dashboard and call post offices to verify/post transactions periodically and if any post office is not following their instructions, matter should be brought to the notice of concerned SP/SSP/DPS immediately.

(5) Post Offices should be told that after 2000 hours, no support will be provided either by FSI Helpdesk or by DOP CBS Operation IT Team unless specific issue is raised by 1715 hours. Responsible staff has to face action for not following instructions and have to come early by 7.30 A.M next day to complete EOD of previous day. Due to delay in EOD, that staff will be held responsible for any financial loss to anyone.

(6) For any operational guideline/clarification, Post Offices should first contact their Circle SPOCs who can take up the matter with us or DOP CBS IT Operation Team or DMCC. For any migration related issues, SPOC will write to DMCC and for any operational issue, DOP CBS Operation IT Team Chennai. For nay policy matter, issue can be referred to Directorate.

(7) It should be impressed upon Circle Administration to provide you 5 User Champions Team for this purpose fully equipped with Mobile Phones and laptops (with data card) and intimate to the post offices under you, Your i.e Circle SPOC and 5 member Team's Mobile number and email IDs.


Kawal Jit Singh

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