Wednesday 12 September 2012


D.G. Posts No. 26-2/2012-Trg. Dated 06.09.2012

In accordance with the approval of the competent authority, the existing 240 Workplace Training Centres are given formal structure with regular establishment on re-deployment basis as follows:

(i) Depending on the training workload and number of Nodes, upto two posts can be created for each WTC by the Head of Circle re-deploying surplus posts from within the establishment of the Circle in the following manner:

(a) For WTCs having 10 Nodes or less, one from Selection Grade Supervisors(LSG/HSG-II), or Inspector of Posts/Assistant Superintendent of Posts, or PAs/SAs who have not at least First MACP can be re-deployed to perform the function of both faculty as well as Supervisor of the Centre.

(b) For WTCs having more than 10 Nodes, depending on the overall training workload and number of Nodes in the Centre, the HOC can consider creating a second post on re-deployment basis as indicated in (a) above. Beyond this, no additional establishment can be created for WTCs and no WTCs can have more than two posts.

(c The total number of WTCs for which in the above manner be re-deployed shall not exceed 240(224 in Postal/RMS Divisions and 16 in Postal Accounts Wing) as per the Annexure ‘A’ to this Memo.

(d) The posts of the Supervisor-cum-Trainer/Trainer will be re-deployed similarly for 16 ZTCs/WTCs functioning in Postal Accounts Wing from AAO or even from the Accounts of sufficient seniority.

(e) Chief PMsG or PMsG can utilize the services of Supervisors-Com-Trainers or Trainers posted in one WTC in any other WTC in their respective Circles or Region for training purpose, in exigencies , purely on short –term basis.

(ii) The Supervisor–Cum-Trainer will coordinate the training pogramme and will also take classes. The trainer will only be taking classes. If two are of the same grade in a WTC/ZTC, senior official will work as Supervisor-Cum-Trainer.

(iii) Once the posts are re-deployed, respective Heads of Circles will fill up the posts , taking into account the aptitude and suitability of the officials considered for posting . In case suitable candidates are not available, HOCs can consider engaging retired Postal employees as guest faculty aptitude for training after following the existing rules regarding such engagement. In respect of CTCS/ATCs functioning in Postal Accounts Wing, Head of the Circle will do so in consultation with the Postal Accounts Wing the Circle.

(iv) The posts thus re-deployed would form a separate establishment under the respective administrative unit i.e., Divisional Office/Regional Office/Circle Office/DA (P)/GM(Postal Accounts & Finance). The expenditure on the establishment of the same shall be met from the Training Head for which appropriate provisioning wild be entail expenditure on account of pay and allowances as well as establishment costs utilizing head of account like OE,OC,PPSS etc.

2. The admissibility of training allowance@ 15% of the basic pay to the trainers in WTCs is being taken up with suitable orders will be issued by the Postal Directorate,

3. Training Division of the Postal Directorate will monitor, through the Heads of Circles/concerned, that the establishment so created is fully utilized and quality of training fulfils the expected standards.

4. The Heads of Circles may straightaway issue orders for re-deployment in respect of Non-Gazetted staff in accordance with this Directorate letter No. 2-2/93-PE-I dated 07.09.1993 under intimation to establishment Division and Training Division of the Directorate . However, the proposal for re-deployment in respect of Gazetted posts, such as Assistant Superintendent of Posts and AAOs, are required to be taken up with Establishment Division of Postal Directorate for prior approval under intimation to Training Division.
5. This issues in consultation with Integrated Finance Wing vide Diary No. 221/FA/12/CS dated 06.09.2012.
(Rakesh Kumar)

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