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No. P3/BMM/CR                                                                                                   dt.  21.04.2014

The Postmaster General,
Central Region,
Trichirappalli   620 001.
                                                     Sub:  Subjects  for  bi-monthly  meeting  with the PMG, CR  - Reg.
The following item of  subjects  are  proposed to be taken up  for discussions with the  PMG, CR  during  the  ensuing bi-monthly meeting.  The same may kindly be entertained.
Re-opening  of  Old item  (h)  in 01/02/2012 : Nonpayment of  TA/DA to the newly  recruited  P.A.s in connection With the Induction Training period, after their  date of appointment.  Pending  years to gether.

New Subjects:-
1.     Request for  restoring  earlier business hours in Savings Bank Counters at CBS offices and request for  granting     suitable  remuneration to the officials working at Savings Bank area in CBS offices, since the staff could not able to   make End Of Day process  even in late  nights.
     Details of the case:- The net work connectivity is very slow at the CBS  offices  since the bandwidth provided,  is   found to be very low, which is  serving  many systems  at a time. Also the RAM memory   provided in many  Systems are   not   upto the requirement resulting in  tardy functioning.  The access to the Centralized server is  also, consuming hours,  since abnormal  no. of offices are  connected with  the  Server of  low  occupying  area. These administrative hiccups  make the transactions  very slow and pushing the customers waiting on  queues , resulting in  completing  the  transactions  at the extended hours.  The End of Day process  could not be  made even in late nights. For eg.  In most of the CBS offices on 15.4.,16.4., and 17.4.14 the staff are waiting  beyond  midnights without   even a penny of  remuneration  and  with sleepless nights.
2.       Request to  close  the  Speed Post  extension counter provided at Kumbakonam HO.
At present speed post booking service is available in extended hours upto 20.00 hours. At the same time the same business is available at the Kumbakonam RMS office which is just 0.05 KM away from the HO. It is very difficult to Spare one P.A. in the acute shortage scenario  for the extension counter and  the  traffic  is also not  appreciable for one P.A., one Supervisor,  and  one  MTS. The electricity utilized in this area is also not   equating with the  income  generated.  Hence this may be  considered as in the case of  Trichy HPO.
     3.  Request to attend various  office maintenance works   like replacing of outdated  Computers ,   replacing of   failed  UPS ,   erection of already sanctioned bore well , construction of cycle  shed etc.  in many Divisions.

 For  eg.
a.  In Kumbakonam Division the computers supplied in the following offices during the year 2005 are in  veryn poor condition and  the working staff could not able to cope up with.

Kumbakonam Market SO, Kumbakonam Cutchery SO, Kumbakonam City SO,Tirubuvanam SO, Tiruvidaimarudur SO, Aduthurai SO, Kuttalam SO, Natcharkoil SO,Kodavasal SO, Koradachery SO, Swamimalai SO, Tirunageswaram SO, Eravancheri  S.O.,Tirupanandal SO.

b. In Kumbakonam Division the  UPS provided in the following offices are not  in working condition and needs immediate replacement. 
                                                                                                                                                       Veppathur, Tipprirajapuram, Tiruvidaichery, Kadiramangalam, Koranattukaruppur, Sholapuram, Loweranicut, Tiruchirai, Tiruvidaichery, Attikadai, Narasingampettai,     Pandanallur, Terzhandur, Konerirajapuram, Sembangudi, Palaiyur, Sakkottai, Malliyam.  Like wise in Cuddalore Division and Pattukkottai Division also this is the  same Thing  experienced.

c) )  Erection of new bore well at Chidambaram HO.
Already  sanction was issued for  erecting bore well for 750 feet depth at Chidambaram HO, but the same was not done so far.  

d) Construction of cycle shed at Chidambaram: 

Officials working at Chidambaram HO are daily facing difficulties in parking their cycle and two wheelers in a small shed provided which is insufficient. 

The under mentioned office bearers will be attending   the   meeting.  Necessary arrangements  may kindly be made for granting  special CL and  relief  to them.
1. Sri. J. Ramamurthy, Circle Secretary, AIPEU GR. C, TN  at  Tiruvallikeni SO, 
Chennai  600 005 (Ch.City Central Dn.)
2. Sri. R. Kumar, Regional  Secretary,  AIPEU GR.C ,CR at Pudukkottai  HO 622 001.
With regards,

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