Wednesday 28 December 2011


Attending office bearers :-

1.Sri.A.Manoharan, Regional Secretary, Central Region.
2.Sri. N.Selvan, Circle Org. Secretary .

Subjects:- Reopening of item No. (2) of 17.10.2011 BMM , since not settled though assured.

Fresh subjects:-

1.Introduction of incentive to the new items of agency works introduced in Pos as per the instructions of Dte.
No.16-16/2007-08/BD & MD/PII and Circle Office No.SR/19-88/11 RJCM dt. 20.102011.

2.Normal Functioning of Dispensary to be restored in a war footing manner since patients facing undue hardship due to want of required staff as per norms. Outsourcing was also terminated abruptly- vacancies remain unfilled.

3.Request to Allow rule 38 transfer cases without restriction of minimum 5 years norms, since in TN Circle notification of resultant vacancies made in the respective Divisions and linked with Annual Direct Rectt. Also relief is made only on joining of new rectts. and will not affect the Divisions in any way

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