Monday 4 March 2013

RT - 2013 Released

O/o The Supdt. Of Post Offices, Srirangam Division, Srirangam - 620 006.

Memo No.B/RT/2013/Dlgs dated at Srirangam 620 006 the 02.03.2013

             The following postings and transfers under RT 2013 are ordered to take up with immediate effect.
1.   Smt.R.Ganga OA O/O SPOs Srirangam   to be PA Srirangam HO  vice Smt.R.Rajini PA Srirangam Ho transferred

2.  Smt.R.Rajini PA Srirangam HO to be OA O/O SPOs Srirangam vice Smt.R.Ganga  OA O/O SPOs transferred 

3.  Smt.N.Subha OA O/O SPOs Srirangam Ho to be PA Srirangam HO vice Smt.J.Rajakumari  PA Srirangam Ho transferred

4.   Sri.K.Selvakumar PA Srirangam Ho to be SPM Srirangam North vice Sri.S.Rengarajan SPM Srirangam North transferred

5.     Sri.S.Rengarajan SPM Srirangam North to be PA Srirangam HO vice Sri.K.Selvakumar PA Srirangam HO transferred

6.    Sri.V.Sridharan PA Srirangam HO to be PA Srirangam West in the existing vacancy (Vice Smt.P.Mekala PA SRM west transferred to PSD TR)

7.  Smt.B.Suganthi OA O/O SPOs Srirangam to be SPM Srinivasanagar vice Smt.P.Lalitha SPM SVN transferred

8.  Smt.P.Lalitha SPM SVNagar to be OA O/O SPos Srirangam vice Smt.B.Suganthi OA O/O SPOs transferred.

9.  Smt.J.Rajakumari PA Srirangam HO to be OA O/O SPOs Srirangam vice Smt.N.Subha OA O/O SPOs transferred.
10.   Smt.S.Nagalakshmi SPM Sikkathambur to be PA Manachanallur in the existing vacancy.

11.  Sri.D.Kuppusamy PA Musiri to be SPM Ayyampalayam vice Smt.N.Santhy SPM AYM transferred

12. Smt.N.Santhy SPM Ayyampalayam to be PA Manachanallur vice Smt.N.Vaidehi PA MCnallur transferred

13.  Sri.R.Mohan PA katuputhur to be PA Thottiam Vice Kum.M.Shanthi Aishwarya PA Thottiam transferred


A Copy of this memo is issued to:
1. The Postmaster General Central Region TN Tiruchirappalli 620001.
2. The Postmaster Srirangam 620006/Turaiyur 621010/Perambalur 621212
3. The SPMs concerned.
4. The SPM Sikkathambur – The official may be relived locally.
5. The SPM kattuputhur – The official may be relived locally and directed to join at Thottiam on relief of Kum.M.Shanthi Aishwarya PA Thottiam
6. The officials
7. The PF of the officials.
8. The Secretary AIPEU CL III/NUPE CL III/SC/ST Welfare Association.
9. All ASPOs/IPs in Srirangam Division
10. Acct/Steno/Building Branches DO Srirangam.   
11. File.      


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