Tuesday 18 June 2013


                                                                                           Dt: 17.6.2013.

1.  Grant of peripheral HRA in consonance with the List of Urban Agglomerations notified in 2011 Population totals released by the Census of India 2011 of Govt. of India, instead of awaiting for dependency certificate years-to-gether from the respective Collectorates. (It is well placed in the Census of India 2011 that the notified urban agglomeration is a continuous urban spread constituting a town and its adjoining growths).
(Reply in RJCM TN under sl. 19 dt. 24.7.12- It is a subject matter to be decided at Dte. level).
2.  Request to withdraw extension of business hours upto 5.00 PM(total 7 hours) including Saturdays against ILO norms and against 5 day week- administrative office/ 6 day week – operative office principles.
(Reply given in RJCM TN Circle under item 7 of 24.7.2012 – As per the instructions contained in Dte. No. 11-2/2004-p.o. dt. 26.6.2012 instructions were issued to all the Divisions/units in other regions also to revise/extend the business hours upto 17.00 hours based on demand and revenue.)
3.  Request to withdraw Dte. instructions to attend mails  and presorting works by drawing officials  on Sundays/ holidays, since it is unfair labour practice  and affects  the mental balance  of the working officials ,  attending  duties without even week holidays. (Copy of  letter sent to  SPOs/SSPOs through e-mail is enclosed)
4. LSG promotions are now  given based on the date of confirmation and not on date of appointment, as per  the standing orders.  But  while introduction of TBOP/BCR,    LSG/HSG II were  treated equal to ,  and  were treated as Divisional cadre. Based on that  promotions were awarded, till 2.6.2002 on Divisional seniority basis. Thereafter,  the position was restored and LSG promotion was treated as Circle cadre, only after amendment of LSG Rectt Rules during 2006. But notional promotions  for the in-between periods were given only based on Divisional Seniority. It is well known that, while Lien system prevailing,  date of confirmation is varying  Division to Division  and during that period promotions were given based on Divisional Seniority basis. Hence while switching over LSG from Divisional cadre into Circle Cadre, the seniority  should be  corrected as a one time measure, for those who have been appointed prior to  4.11.92. 
5.  Due to acute shortage of staff, the existing LRPAs were positioned against regular vacant posts, years-to-gether,  and slowly the LR P.A. s were amalgamated within the  sanctioned strength mostly in all the Divisions  and the  Rectt. was denied against  the 10% LRPAs posts, as in the case of residual vacancies. Hence  a thorough review is requested in order to restore the LR strength exclusively.
6.  Abnormal work load  is increased in all areas to the P.A. cadre  due to several aspects as below:-
i) Unnormed business item of works added to folds  like  EB Bill, Aadhaar cards, Gold coin sales, IMT services, sale of private publications , sim card  sales & various local tie up business, which comes upto an addition of 30-40% of the  regular work load.
ii) RPLI and PLI works are now decentralized to HO levels and there is no creation of post decades  together, which added further work load of upto 30% in addition.
iii) Many P.A.s from General branches were diverted to the  non existing  posts of M.E./S.A./ DSM/CRM etc. and creating artificial vacancies, which is manned by the existing staff.
iv) ADR rectt. for 2011 and 2012 is badly delayed, thereby  also there is increase in work load
upto 15% to the existing staff.                                                         

Hence , inorder to cope up with the day to day works, the services of  willing ,eligible  GDS/Postmen/MTS staff  may  be utilized  on leave vacancies/clear vacant posts  as  in the case of  officiating given on  Postman/MTS.
7. Request  for fencing of  Govt.  properties, vacant  lands owned by the Department, in order to protect from encroachments.
8. The declared 25% incentive is now paid only on petty items . It is not  paid  in all the business items  such as  Sale of Gold Coins , IMT services which yields good  shape of commission.  Moreover there is no guidelines to apportion the  incentive with the  Supervisors and  clerical staff. This should be ensured.
9. The Directorate orders dt. 19.7.2010 restoring the surrendered 26% posts on TBOP/BCR was not  implemented in true spirit. During  that time of surrender, posts were identified and abolished individually.
(RJCM  reply is    ‘ it has nowhere been stated that the posts reduced on TBOP/BCR will be restored. As such the question of restoration of the  posts reduced does not arise at all. ‘) 
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