Tuesday 27 January 2015


SSA Account Opening And Further Deposit In Finacle

  1. If Guardian is not having CIF in Finacle, a new CIF has to be created for the guardian. 
  2. For opening of account in the name of Minor, a new CIF (if not already exists) in the name of girl child has to be opened. User has to be sure that Birth Certificate of minor is given and date of birth of minor should not be earlier than 2.12.2003 as system will not validate this date.
  3. For opening of account use Menu – CPPFAO
  4. CIF ID of minor is to be entered in CIF ID field.
  5. In Scheme Code field, if PPF is appeared, it is to be deleted and SSA has to be entered and if the field is blank, SSA is to be entered. This is mandatory and needs to be done very carefully.
  6. After opening of account, account number has to be noted down on the Pay-in -Slip and Supervisor will use same menu CPPFAO (Verify option) and enter the account number as written on the Pay-In-Slip. Please do not search account number from searcher.
  7. After verification, Account will be ready for funding. User will use CTM for entering first deposit. Please ensure that first deposit should not be less than Rs.1000/- and if amount tendered is more than Rs.1000/- it should be in multiple of Rs.100/- as system will not validate this amount.
  8. Supervisor should verify in CTM and ensure that amount entered in not less than Rs.1000/-.
  9. If First Page of Passbook is not getting printed by the Finacle, it can be prepared manually but transaction page will be get printed from Finacle.
  10. At the close of the counter hours, List Of Transactions has to be prepared manually for SSA and Consolidation is also to be prepared manually.
  11. Total Deposit in SSA should be entered in SB Cash which will be uploaded in Cash Book.
  12. A register of account opened under SSA is to be maintained in manuscript showing Sl.No.(in continuation), Date of opening, Account Number, amount of deposit.
  13. Subsequent deposit can also be accepted through CTM by following same procedure as mentioned for funding of account. 
  14. While doing subsequent deposit, User and Supervisor has to ensure that subsequent deposit should be in multiple of Rs.100/- and total deposits in the account should not exceed Rs.1,50,000/- in a Financial Year as system will not validate these rules.
  15. No withdrawals allowed in this account. Therefore, user and supervisor should not allow any withdrawal. 
  16. User And Supervisor Should Ensure That Kyc Documents And Birth Certificate Of Minor Girl Are Taken From The Guardian. 
  17. User and supervisor should ensure that only one account is opened in the name of same girl child and one guardian can open only two SSA accounts.
  18. AOF and KYC documents with birth certificate should be preserved in separate guard file and should not be sent to CPC till further orders.

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