Friday 10 April 2015


Sent: 05 April 2015 10:13

To: 'Srihari Gopalan'; 'Saurabh Gupta'; 'Arunkumar Alias Padmanaban Gandhi'; 'Elango Vaithiyanathan'; CPMG Andhra Pradesh Circle; CPMG Assam Circle; CPMG Bihar Circle; cpmg_chr@indiapost. gov. in; CPMG Delhi Circle; CPMG Gujrat Circle; CPMG Himachal Pradesh Circle; CPMG Haryana Circle; CPMG Jharkhand Circle; CPMG Jammu & Kashmir Circle; CPMG Karnataka Circle; CPMG Kerala Circle; CPMG Maharashtra Circle; CPMG Madhya Pradesh Circle; CPMG North East Circle; CPMG Orissa Circle; CPMG Punjab Circle; CPMG Rajasthan Circle; CPMG Tamilnadu Circle; CPMG Uttar Pradesh Circle; CPMG Uttarakhand Circle; CPMG West Bengal Circle; DDG (Financial Services)
Cc: Director (CBS); Vivekanandan T; Gopinath S; chennai-dmcc.dop


Dear Sir /Madam, 

This is regarding resuming migrations in CBS from 8th April 2015. The following instructions are issued for starting the CBS rollouts. The tentative plan is worked out and attached based on the volume of accounts. 

Important Instructions:

1.   Interest run in Sanchaypost for the financial year 2014-15 should be complete to take up an office for migration. Offices which have not completed this activity is not considered ready for migration.

2.    A new version of DPT is released in the DMCC website. The database should qualify a discrepancy free status from the new DPT Ver 6.1 rules. The PDF file generated should be sent to DMCC for getting confirmation before starting the upload of data on real-time.

3.    From the offices identified from 8th April to 10th April, any office which qualifies with these two rules will be considered for migration flexibly.

4.    Circle SPOCs are requested to prepare the offices identified from 13th April onwards without any deviation in the schedule.

5.    The DM Utility Ver 2.8 which is already available in Web will be used by the offices for uploading the files. There is no change in the instructions with regards to DM Utility tool and KVN Migration tool.

6.    Offices should send the KVN data also along with the sanchaypost data, so that migration is complete in all respects.

Circle SPOCs can contact Mr Gopinath and Mr Vivekanand IP DMCC for further clarifications required.

This may kindly be circulated to all concerned immediately.

Circles may also send the details of sub offices which are ready for migration fulfilling the above criteria for migration.


Deputy Director CEPT,
@ DMCC Chennai

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