Wednesday 8 April 2015


Dear Comrades,

All of you may know the important occurrences happened right from the start for this year 2015 and the events that will happen in the coming after period on viewing our website or on reading our magazine Dak Jagriti and circulars.

However through this communiqué, CHQ takes the privilege to remind some important affairs for the recollection and planning for the programmes of action.

1.      Our 30th All India Conference @ Lucknow
The 30th AIC of AIPEU Group ‘C’ is notified for 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, June 2015 at Baba Saheb Bhimrao Ambedkar Vishva Vidyalaya Lucknow (UP). Several leaders of various unions and from political arena and top bureaucrats of our department are likely to attend to grace the AIC as a colourful symposium.

Apart from such leaders, the delegates and visitors from the nook and corner of our country have to register their participation in this great event in which the deliberation, discussion and finally the decision, all for the welfare of our workers especially to postal employees and in particular to our Postal Group ‘C’.

The notice for 30th AIC and CWC have been published in our website recently. All are requested to go through the agenda and be ready for sharp discussion in the AIC with great enthusiasm.

Please make your travel plan prudently and book tickets well in advance to avoid last minute disappointment. All other information regarding stayal, food, contact person, etc. will be communicated by the Receiption Committee and in turn through CHQ Website.

2.      Oral evidence with 7th CPC
On 25.03.2015, all the General Secretaries led by Secretary General, NFPE on the invitation of the 7th CPC met the chairman, 7th CPC and his team at Chatrapathi Shivaji Bhawan, New Delhi. On behalf of P3 CHQ, we effectively presented our cases regarding justification of higher pay scale for PAs, Postmaster Cadre, LSG, HSG-II, HSG I, Issues of PO & RMS Accountants, relevance of creation of system administrator cadre, Care taking allowance to SPMs/PMs are the important things among others.

It is evident that our memorandum to 7th CPC contained all our demands of every cadre and will be taken cognizance by the 7th CPC. The oral evidence before the 7th CPC is a chance to us for reiterating many of our demands in person.

3.      Membership verification process: -
The verification of membership for recognition of service Association under CCS (RSA) Rules 1993 is started now by the department. All the affiliates of NFPE including our AIPEU Group ‘C’ have applied for participating in the check off system. Shortly, the department will announce for enrollment of membership to the associations to be empanelled. All our divisional/Branch Secretaries will start the drive to get membership application in the form prescribed by the department from every existing members and forth coming members including new entrants.

The CHQ will issue guide lines and strategies on receipt of new panel of associations released by the department. Our target is to be aimed tall for distinction of past figures. Be ready to win the match and start the net practice right now by motivate our ranks and files and create awareness. Till such time of arrival of new form for enrolment of membership under check off system process to be ordered by the department, the existing procedure of enrolment will be done till 30th April 2015. All Divisional/Branch Secretaries are needed to engage themselves for enrollment of new members now also. This year, we have to do the work twice.

4.      Postal JCA – Marching in its struggle path.
As decided by the PJCA comprising NFPE & FNPO federations inclusive of GDS unions of AIPEU-GDS (NFPE) & NUGDS to achieve 40 Charter of Demands the following programme of actions have been completed in a successful manner.

(a)   Submission of memorandum to government and to department on 28.08.2014 with mass demonstration in front all offices all over the country.
(b)   Mass Dharna in front of all Postal/RMS divisional offices on 24.09.2014.
(c)    Five days relay Dharna in front all circle/Regional offices from 27.10.2014 to 31.10.2014.
(d)   Massive Parliamentary mach at Jantar Mantar New Delhi on 4th December 2014 in which 15000 Postal employees from all part of the country have participated.

The department had earlier replied for PJCA’s Charter of demands. Subsequently, due to mounting pressure DOP came formward for talks on 05.02.2015 on all our 40 Charter of Demands. PJCA leaders have taken their best efforts on all the 40 Charter of demands especially on “Discussion on the recommendations of the Task force and “Inclusion of Gramin Dak Sevaks in the terms of reference 7th CPC”.

In the back drop of above developments, PJCA meeting was convened on 24.03.2015 to discuss the next course of action and review the minutes of the meeting with Department held on 05.02.2015. The following are the important decisions taken in the meeting.

1.     Disagreement was recorded on items No. 1,2,11,12,13,14,15,16,21, 25,27, 30, 31,33,34, 35,36,37, and 40 of PJCA Strike Charter of demand as the progress is not being noticed on all these items. Secretary (P) will be addressed to settle these issues as per the assurance given in meeting on 05.02.2015.
2.     Due to some unavoidable circumstances the date of Dharna in front of Dak Bhawan, New Delhi by All India leaders of both Federations is rescheduled as 29th April-2015 instead of 15th April.
3,     Notice for Indefinite Strike to be organized from 06th May 2015 will be served to the Secretary, Department of Posts, New Delhi on 06th April-2015. All Circle /Divisional and Branch Secretaries will also submit Strike Notice at all levels by organizing demonstrations in front of all important offices.
4     Campaign programme by All India Leaders of both the Federations and affiliated unions has been finalized and it will be completed between 05th April to 15th April, 2015 to mobilize entire rank and file. All concerned  will fix the dates in consultation with Circle  leadership and conduct the programme to mobilize  maximum employees to participate in Parliament March to be conducted on 28th April 2015 under banner of National Council  JCM and to make them ready for the Indefinite  strike  from 06th May 2015 onwards .

Let we make the indefinite strike a thundering success.

5.      Parliament March by National Council staff side organizations.
The staff side organistaion of NC JCM have decided to conduct Parliament March in Delhi on 28.04.2015 insisting 10 points Charter of demands. It is expected the strike date to be announced by the NC JCM leaders on the eve of Parliament march.

As our federation is part and parcel along with Railway, Defence and other Central government Organisations, we are duty bound to attend the Parliament March enmasse. All the circles are requested to represent in the same quantum as like our earlier PJCA Parliament March.

Let we make the Parliament March, a great success by joining hands with Railways & Defence as guided by Confederation of C. G. Employees & workers.

6.      Other events/News
(a)   The 3rd AIC of AIPSBCOEA at Thekkadi (Kerala) on 14 & 15.03.2015. Com. S. P. Kulkarni PA (SBCO) Kolhapur HO (Maharashtra) & Com. Virendra Tewary PA (SBCO) Lucknow Chowk HPO (Uttar Pradesh) have been elected as president and General Secretary.
(b)   Tamilnadu NFPE unions have went on strike for one day on 26.03.2015 through out Tamilnadu Circle.
(c)    Our CHQ monthly Journal “Dak Jagriti” is being published from Feb 2015 in the same pattern and stuff of earlier “Bhartiya Post”.
(d)   Com. M. Krishnan, Secretary General confederation of C. G. employees of workers & Com. M. Raja have been nominated as members of standing committee NC JCM staff side. The voice of the confederation shall be high and more of our demands will have a place in that highest forum.

7.      Quota to CHQ
It is reiterated to ensure the remittance of due quota of 2012-13, 2013-14 & 2015 to CHQ before 30th April 2015 if not already sent. As our 30th AIC is scheduled for June first week, to prepare CHQ Accounts with in time, all concerned are requested to send their dues as early as possible before 30th April 2015. As the AIC work is going on in full swing at CHQ, it is not possible for CHQ to issue notice to all defaulters, the Circle secretaries may please pull up all divisional/Branch secretaries to remit their dues to CHQ within the stipulated time.

It is pertinent to mention here, as a vibrant organisation our CHQ is continuously taking every information to the tail end through it magazine, circulars and website & emails. You may be aware that all the available orders, not only pertaining to Department of Posts, also of other Ministries find a place and published in our website as soon as it is released. It is needless to emphasis our members to make use of it and be get informed. You are at the liberty to send all the information/problems to CHQ preferably through e-mails to

Thank you Comrades.

(N. Subramanian)
General Secretary

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