Tuesday 8 September 2015

Following were the points shared by our CPMG in 37th NFPE Circle conference held at Pudukottai

1) It was under deliberations on whether to take date of confirmation or date of entry as criterion. It is decided recently that Date of entry will be considered as criterion for LSG HSG Promotions
2) Soon DPC will be Convened for LSG HSG promotions
3) mVigarsha a new online software is going to be launched for online booking of e commerce parcels at p.o counters
4) LGO exam results will be announced soon
5) Training will be imparted for Newly recruited P.As soon after discussion with Dte.
6) Instead of renting systems, proposal for fresh purchase of hardware components/systems to replace outdated systems will be taken up. Assured supply of hardware soon
He had visited Kattankulathur P.O and few P.Os. Assured that Server UPS generator issues which is prevalent will be settled in phased manner.
7) Service Tax issue if Arasaradi H.O will be sorted out.
8) He cited Chennai GPO is excess staffed. T.Nagar H.O having 21 S.Os has 15 P.As in Accts branch whereas Thanjavur H.O having nearly 50 S.Os has only 4 P.As in accts branch.This uneven distribution will be sorted out.
9) Since staff promoted to LSG HSG are declining promotions due to some reasons we are not able to fillup LSG HSG vacancies..
10) All P.As deputed to R.O/C.O from Divisions will be repatriated to Divisions.
11) Govt has agreed to let CBS offices of DOP to sell Prime minister's Insurance policies which were sold by banks...Hence CBS migration is to be done on large scale soon.
12) Payment bank means challenge and competition for our products. Hence we need to be strive better to excel
13) DOP youth power is felt in recent days. Whatever product they give we are able to sell.It shows our capabilities. Am glad Tamilnadu stands first in no of cbs offices. First ATM was launched in T.nagar Tamilnadu..kudos
14) Problem in COD will be addressed.
15) Lunch hour board for 1/2 an hour can be displayed in po premises
16) Repairs and maintenance works for staff quarters costs too much..But it will be properly planned and settled.
17) PO ID cards for Rs.10/- is not discontinued..It can be issued to all GDS staff. Stock is available in PSD.
18) No changes is proposed in Foreign Post at present.

It is said that it was the first time in the history of Union conference that a CPMG has answered questions raised by Delegates on the spot. A understanding, receptive & labour friendly CPMG.
It appeared like except policy matter changes there seemed to be no issues...

What a CPMG..Simply Superb Man -

Kaushik srinivas

One of the best moments of the 37th Circle Conference. When I enquired our Chief PMG whether he would answer the questions of the delegates and visitors after his address in the Seminar, he readily and gleefully agreed. He patiently went through all the questions and doubts raised in writing by our comrades and answered them convincingly. This is the first time that such an interacting session between employees and Circle head took place in our TU History. It is pertinent to note that the number of questions raised here definitely outnumbered the questions normally raised in our TU Workshops. The humble, down-to-earth and practical approach with humanism are the virtues of our present Circle Head.

My sincere thanks to our Chief PMG, Shri CHARLES LOBO & PMG[CR], Shri. J.T. Venkateswaralu
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  Aiprpa Chq

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