Friday 23 October 2015


CEPT Mysore has released Meghdoot 7.9.3 and Speednet 4.3 on 19/10/2015, The offices using these software can download it from the ftp site of CEPT.
On the ftp site, along with the software, checklist of activities to be performed is also made available by CEPT.
As such all Post Offices / CRC/ Parcel Hub / NSH / ICH / BNPL offices and all other processing hub / units should immediately update the same.

Two documents containing the major modifications done in the new software is as below for ready reference

Major modifications done in Meghdoot Update 7.9.3

1) Revised service tax rates applicable on PLI/RPLI premia collected from the insurant.  Similarly, provision for

accepting the PLI policies of J&K circle, where sales tax is applicable.

2) Introduction of new Barcode (Y - Series) for COD Parcels and handling the COD parcels booked with  “Y” series

at Booking/transmission/delivery offices.  

3) After implementation of Y series Barcode for COD Parcels, the Central Server identifies the office to which the

COD parcel is consigned on the basis of information received from the HUB and automatically send the data to

that office though it is different than the original destination to which the article is booked.   Thus there will be

no need for delivery offices to request for data.  Receipt of data from HUB, thus plays critical role for effective

functioning of this facility.

4) Provision for transfer of a COD Parcel to any other Post office, before invoicing the article to Postman/Branch


5) When COD data is requested by a delivery office, if the Central Server cannot supply the data due to various

reasons, a message will appear in delivery office as to why the data is not being supplied by the Central Server.

6) Provision to perform BO Verification of COD parcels for any older date.  Now old BO Summary date can be

selected and BO Verification can be performed,  for COD Parcels delivered through Branch Post Offices.

7) Provision for booking of Orissa High Court articles. 

8) Implementation of new Barcode series for booking of Speed Post articles with prefix as ‘SU’ and for booking of

POD articles under Speed Post with prefix as ‘SP’ for delivery of Notices/summons of various high courts across

the country.

9) Discontinuation of EVP service.

10) Compulsory barcode scanning in respect of CR Number while performing RMFS transactions.

11) Provision for incorporating the mobile number of the sender while booking bulk articles in Despatch and BNPL

Parcel software.

12) Capturing additional 9 new fields of information for Project Arrow, so as to give more clarity on the delivery

efficiency being monitored through DET.

13) Provision for closing of bags to Office of Exchange directly from the CRC / Parcel Hub.
Major modifications done in SpeedNet Update 4.3

1) Changes in the process of selection of destination and tariff calculation.   In the revised

process, when destination PIN code is entered tariff is calculated.

2) Facility to capture Sender’s Mobile number and Addressee’s Mobile number in all

booking forms is provided.  

3) Removal of detailed data entry option for the articles provided by bulk customers like

Amazon, Myntra, Flipkart, etc who availed technical integration with CEPT servers. This

is to ensure that the key fields such as reference number provided in the electronic data

by the customer does not change while updating the shipment status to the customer.

4) Changes to the Excel format used for bulk upload of articles in Speednet.     Excel format

now includes provision for weight and COD Value fields.

5) Validations have been implemented to generate booking message in respect of articles

which have been dispatched. This ensures that at least a single scan happens for the

article. All articles booked have to be dispatched invariably, otherwise booking

messages are not generated.

6) Provision for closing of bags to Office of Exchange directly from the NSH / ICSH.    ICSH

can close bag directly to Office of Exchange, if Office of Exchange and ICSH fall under the

7) Facility to create the bag first and then include articles into the bag to help automation

in conveyor mode of sorting. (This facility will be enabled for identified offices only on

receipt of approval)

8) Menu structure is modified and simplified

9) Alert messages are generated if files pending for transmission for supervisor and

10) Barcode validation and tariff calculation for High Court related Summons and POD

articles included.

11) New report provided to view details of XML manifest files received & processed at the

offices identified for booking articles of customers who availed technical integration. 

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