Friday 12 February 2016


அன்பான  கோட்ட / கிளைச் செயலர்களே ! வணக்கம் !  
அவசரம் !  அவசியம் !

GDS  ஊழியர் கமிட்டிக்கான கோரிக்கை மனு  
ஒவ்வொரு GDS  ஊழியரும் நேரடியாக அளித்திட  ஒரு  வாய்ப்பு !

GDS  ஊழியர்களுக்கான  ஊதியம் மற்றும் பணித்தன்மை குறித்து ஆய்வு செய்து அறிக்கை அளித்திட ஒய்வு பெற்ற அஞ்சல் வாரிய உறுப்பினர் திரு.  கமலேஷ் சந்திரா அவர்கள்  தலைமையிலான ஒரு நபர்  கமிட்டி ஒவ்வொரு  GDS ஊழியரிடமிருந்தும் அவர்களது கருத்துக்களை அனுப்புமாறு கேட்டுள்ளது.

எனவே ஒவ்வொரு அஞ்சல் மூன்று , அஞ்சல் நான்கு , RMS  மூன்று , RMS  நான்கு கோட்ட/ கிளைச் செயலர்களும்  கீழே காணும்  கோரிக்கை மனுவினை நகல் எடுத்து, உங்கள் பகுதியில் உள்ள ஒவ்வொரு GDS ஊழியர்களிடமும் அளித்து, அவர்களது தெளிவான பெயர் மற்றும் பணி செய்யும் அலுவலகம் கோட்டம் மற்றும் அஞ்சல் வட்டம் குறிப்பிட்டு, கையெழுத்து இட்டு, அதனை கீழே காணும் ஈமெயில் முகவரிக்கும் மற்றும் கீழே குறிப்பிட்டுள்ள  திரு. கமலேஷ் சந்திரா அவர்களின் முகவரிக்கு  ஸ்பீட் போஸ்ட்  மூலமும்  தவறாமல் அனுப்பிட வேண்டு கிறோம். இந்த வாய்ப்பை  தயவு செய்து  தவற விட வேண்டாம் என்று கேட்டுக் கொள்கிறோம். 

இதன் இன்னொரு நகலை  AIPEU GDS NFPE பொதுச் செயலர் தோழர். P . பாண்டுரங்கராவ் அவர்களின் கீழே காணும் முகவரிக்கும் அனுப்பி வைக்க  கோருகிறோம்.


J . இராமமூர்த்தி,                                                                       R . தனராஜ் 
மாநிலச் செயலர்                                                             மாநிலச் செயலர்
அஞ்சல் மூன்று                                                                 AIPEU GDS NFPE 
தமிழ்மாநிலம் .
GDS  பொதுச் செயலர் முகவரி :-

Com. P. Pandurangarao,
General Secretary, AIPEU GDS (NFPE) 
working as BPM, Akkagaripeta BO a/w Pellakuru SO, 
Gudur Division, Andhrapradesh 524 129. 


From: -


Shri Kamlesh Chandra
Gramin Dak Sevak Committee
Ministry of Communication & IT
Government of India
Malcha Marg Post office Building
New Delhi – 110021

                              Sub: - Memorandum on GDS issues.

With due respects and regards, we submit the following for your kind consideration and favourable recommendations to the Govt.

1. Departmentalization of GDS by declaring them as Civil Servants and grant all benefits of regular employees on pro rata basis.

2. Change the nomenclature of GDS as “Gramin Dak Karmachari” or “Rural Postal Employees”.

3. Considering the need and requirement of Rural Post Offices after modernization viz., Core Banking Solutions (CBS), Core Insurance Solution (CIS) and introduction of handheld computers at BOs and additional responsibilities, the working hours of all BOs may be extended to 8 hours and all GDS may be granted full time Civil Servant status. There should no combination of duties. The illegal condition that GDS shall not on duty for more than five hours should be removed.

4.  Minimum five hour wages should be paid even if the work load is less than 5 hours and if work load is more than five hours wages for full time (8hours) should be paid. Nomenclature of TRCA should be changed and it should be called as ‘Pay’. There should not be any reduction in wages under any circumstances.

5. The Branch Postmaster shall be paid at the pro rata wages of Postal Assistants; GDSMD/GDS SV shall be paid equal to Postmen; and all other categories with the comparison of MTS. GDS shall be appointed and not engaged and the word ‘engagement’ shall be deleted in the existing rules.

6. Time bound promotion (ACP) to higher pay scale on completion of 10 years, 20 years and 30 years may be granted to GDS. Point to Point fixation is requested for senior GDS. The pay shall be fixed to the seniors in the revised pay based on the number of years of service rendered to that extent by granting notional annual increments. The percentage of annual increment shall be at par with regular employees to whom the comparison is being made. The nomenclature of increment shall be introduced in the place of ‘future entitlement’.

7. The GDS may be considered for grant of HRA, Transport Allowance, Split duty Allowance on pro rata basis at par with regular departmental employees whom we are comparing for wage fixation. The rent of the building in which BO is housed may be paid by the department.

8. TA/DA may be granted to GDS if ordered in the interest of service and all other Allowance like Boat Allowance, SDA, may be extended to GDS.

9. The GDS shall be covered with the Children Education Allowance and hostel subsidy at par with regular employees.

10.The GDS shall be covered under the CS (MA) Rules or a new set of rules equal to that which provide full reimbursement of medical expenses to the GDS and their families.

11.  The GDS may be granted leave on the following norms.
(i)    E.L – One Day for each completed calendar month with accumulation.
(ii)   HPL – 20 days per year, with accumulation facility.
(iii)  Commuted leave may be introduced.
(iv) Maternity leave – 180 days at par with regular employees with full pay & allowances. Pay shall be made from salary head and not from the welfare fund of GDS.
(v)   Child care leave shall be granted at par with regular employees.
(vi)  Special Disability Leave – As applicable to regular employees.

12.Notwithstanding our claim of introduction of pension scheme at par with regular employees prior to 01-01-2004, we request to modify the S.D.B.S scheme to the extent of 10% recovery from the officials; 20% from the department. Ex-gratia gratuity shall be granted on completion 10 years service. Family pension shall also be introduced.

13.All vacancies in the departmental posts viz. MTS, Postmen, shall be filled only by GDS and there shall be no other open market direct recruitment. In respect of PA cadre, the GDS possessing Qualifications and computer knowledge shall be permitted to write the competitive exam along with postman & MTS for the Departmental Quota vacancies.

14.The GDS Conduct & Engagement rules 2011 shall be scrapped and CCS (Conduct) Rules 1964 may be made applicable to GDS also. It shall be covered under Article 309 of the Union Constitution.

15.50% of the past services of GDS shall be counted as regular service on promotion for pensionary benefits including gratuity.

16.GDS shall also be covered under LTC Scheme to have recreation in life.

17.GDS may be provided with uniforms and also grant of Washing Allowance.

18.All advances like festival, medical, LTC, Tour TA, scooter, HBA, Motor Cycle Advance shall be extended to the GDS. All incentives, honorariums shall be introduced for the excess work performed by GDS.

19.Furnishing of security bond shall be dropped. Similarly the residential condition may also be dropped in the recruitment rules.

20.Transfer facilities may further be liberalized; there shall be no loss of service or pay on transfer. Identity cards to GDS are a must and that shall be supplied to GDS free of cost of the Department.

21.Compassionate appointment may be granted to the dependents of deceased GDS, removing the existing conditions.

22. GDS may be granted all Trade Union rights at par with regular employees.

23.The amount payable under Group Insurance Scheme may be enhanced to five lakhs.

24.The 50 years age limit for appearing for departmental examination may be removed.

25. One point may be granted for Rs.4000- of cash handling in BOs.

We submit that these poor and down trodden 2.76 lakhs of Gramin Dak Sevaks should not be neglected and shall be extended with all benefits applicable to departmental employees. As Justice Talwar Quoted that ‘the weak and downtrodden need protection’. We hope that the respected Chairman, GDS Committee will look in to the prayers made by the All India Postal employees Union GDS (NFPE) also we made in the pre paras and render justice to this down-trodden section of the Postal employees.

With profound regards,

Yours sincerely,
Date :

(Name of the GDS with

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