Tuesday 29 May 2012

ASP Regular Promotions details ( Tamilnadu Circle )
Chief PMG has ordered the following IP to ASP Regular Promotions in Gr B Gaz with PB Rs.9300 – 34,800 with GP Rs.4600 and Regional allotments with immediate effect and until further orders. The promotion will be effective from the Date of joining in ASP cadre.
01. S.Sekar, IP, Karaikal Sub Dn, CR to CR.
02. A.Vijayadhanasekar, IP, Krishnagiri West Sub Dn, WR to WR.
03. K.Hemalatha, APS, Ch Stg Dn, MM to MM.
04. S.Sankar, ASRM, RMS T Dn, CR to CR.
05.C.Gajendran, ASP HQ, Kumbkonam Dn, CR to CR.
06. C.Kamalesh, IMM, MMS, Coimbatore, WR to WR.
07. N.R.Kasiviswanathan, ASP, Nilgiris Dn, WR to CR.
08. C.Rajasekaran, ASP, Anna Road Ho, CCR to CCR.
09. Gaurav Mehta, IP, Deptn at Dte to CR.
10. Pushpaj Kumar, IP, Deptn at Dte to CO.
11. E.Sundareswari, ASP, Foreign Post, CO to CO.
12. S.Lakshmi, IP, Kuttalam Sub Dn, CR to CR.
13. S.Venkataramanan, Deptn at APS.
14. N.M.Kumaran, IP, Satankulam Sub Dn, SR to SR.
15. S.Suresh Kumar, IP PG, Tuticorin Dn, SR to SR.
16. R.Bhanumathi, ASP, PM, Mylapore HO, CCR to CCR.
17. A.Madubala, ASP Complaints, RO, Trichy, CR to CR.
18. A.Abdul Latheef, ASP,Chidambaram East Sub Dn, CR to CR.
19. M.Vijayalakshmi, ASP, Airmail Stg Dn, MM to CO.
20. K.Shanmugachamy, IP, Tirunelveli RMS, SR to SR.
21.P.Vetrikumar, Deptn to APS.
22. S.Balasubramaniam Pillai, IP, Kovilpatti East Sub Dn, SR to SR.
23. G.V.Mahesh, IP, Ch Stg Dn, MM to CCR.
24. P.Antony Rajan, ASP HQ, Tuticorin Dn, SR to SR.
25. G.R.Ashok Kumar, ASP, Coonoor Sub Dn, WR to CCR.
26. M.Umapathy, IP, Mayiladuthurai South Sub Dn, CR to CR.
27. Sanjay Minz, IP, Ch Stg, MM to MM.
28. R.Venkat Raghavan, ASP HQ, Nilgiris Dn, Deptn at PTC, Mysore to CR.
29. S.Subramanian, ASP, Palani Sub Dn, SR to SR.
30. T.Harikrishnan, SC, IP, Neyveli Sub Dn, CR to CR.
31. J.Jayaseelan, SC, IP, Vaniyambadi Sub Dn, WR to SR.
32. C.Murugan, SC, IP, Dharmapuri East Sub Dn, WR to CCR.
33. P.Rajesh SC, Deptn at APS.
34. M.Ravichandran, SC, IP, Manaparai Sub Dn, CR to CR.
35. C.Pasupathi, SC, ASP OD, Cuddalore Dn, CR to CR.
36. N.Ranganathan, IP, Sathyamangalam Sub Dn, WR to CR.
37. K.Sriram, ASP, MBC, Park Town, MM to MM.
38. M.Ponnaiah, Instructor, PTC, Madurai, SR to SR.
39. J.Jeya Rayammal, IP PG, Virudunagar Dn, SR to SR.
40. M.Saravanan, OS, SSRM, RMS MA Dn, SR to SR.
41. L.Kumar, IP, Vriddachalam Sub Dn, CR to CCR.
42. S.Nadarajan, SC, IP, Mudukulathur Sub Dn, SR to SR.
43. A.Asaithambi, SC, Deptn at APS.
44. P.Ramani, SC, IP, Perambalur Sub Dn, CR to CCR.
45. S.Panchamurthy, SC, Deptn at APS.

Necessary posting order will be issued by concern Regional PMG / Unit Head. The officials may be directed to join the promotional post within 10 days of the receipt of the posting order.
In case of unwilling, the unconditional declaration letter should be obtained within 30 days from the date of issue of this order, failing which it will be presumed that he has declined the promotion. The declaration, if any, will be disposed by the concerned appointing authority. The declined officials will lose seniority. He will be considered for promotion only after 1 year from the date of declination or on availability of next vacancy whichever is later.

CO Memo No : STA / 2-7 / 2011 Dt. 28.05.12.

Congrats to all the Officers.

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