Tuesday 10 July 2012

அறிவைத் தேடி ..................11

அறிவைத் தேடுவோம் !                                  அடுத்த தலைமுறை வளர்ப்போம் !
51.  What is the position in case if no casual leave on account for debiting to late attendance? If the leave sanctioning authority does not want to condone the delay, what action can be taken?
Ø  If an official who has no casual leave to his credit comes late without sufficient justification and the administrative authority is not prepared to condone the late coming, he may inform the official that he will be treated as on unauthorized absence for the day on which he came late and leave it to the official himself either to face unauthorized absence or to apply for earned leave or any kind of leave due and admissible for the entire day, the same may be sanctioned. This is the order of the Ministry of Home Affairs dt. 05.03.82. As such Question of Dies non will not arise in such cases.
52.  How many days an official can avail Earned leave at a stretch?
Ø  Since 12.10.1990, it has been increased to 180 days.
53.  Whether the Fitness certificate should be obtained from the same doctor who certified the illness?
Ø  Not necessary. The rules do not envisage that the fitness certificate should be given by the same doctor who gave the medical certificate. 
54.  If an official is directed for 'Second Medical Opinion' to D.M.O, whether he is entitled to claim TA/DA or not? It is not paid anywhere. Why?
Ø  As per Rules, any employee who has been asked to proceed to some other station for second medical opinion, he should be granted T.A. for the journey period and D.A for a maximum period of two days calculated as on tour. This facility is allowed only in cases of Second medical opinion for grant of original leave and not for extension of leave.
55.  An employee is having just five years of service for his superannuation. He applied for EL which has been rejected. Is it correct?
Ø  As per DOPT orders dt 29.09.86, Earned leave should not ordinarily be denied to any employee, especially in the last ten years of his career.

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