Thursday 11 July 2013

Maternity Leave FAQ for Central Government Employees

Q.1 When I can start the maternity leave?
Ans: you can start your maternity leaves six weeks before the expected date of your delivery.
Q.2 Can I work till the day of my delivery so that I can have more time with my baby?
Ans: Yes, You can work up to the day of your delivery and then also you will be entitled for the 
maternity benefit.
Q.3 Can I ask my office to give me lighter jobs during pregnancy to avoid physical strain?
Ans. You can definitely ask your boss to change your duties if your job involves long standing time, working with obnoxious, hazardous chemicals or any type of work which can be harmful for mother or baby's health and development.
Q.4 What will happen if I join office before completing my maternity leave?
Ans. If you join the office before the completion of your maternity leave period, your maternity benefits automatically gets cancelled. So if you need to do some office job during maternity leave 
period, do it as obligatory rather than formally joining the office. Remember, office can not compel 
you to join during maternity leave.
Q.5 Can I extend leaves for the care of the child, after the maternity leaves are over?
Ans. As per CCS rules for government employees, maternity leaves can be combined with any kind of leaves (including commuted leave up to 60 days and leave not due) and extendable up to one year in continuation without medical certificate. Remember the leaves to be taken up in continuation, if you join office, then this rule does not apply. For private sector companies, the policy differs from company to company and one need to check their company's HR policy for details.
Q.6 Can Casual Leaves be combined with Maternity leaves?
Ans. No , Casual Leaves can not be combined with maternity leave.
Q.7 Now, the Government has given one more leave to women employees i.e. Child Care Leave. Can it be combined with Maternity Leave?
Ans. Yes, It can be combined with Maternity leave. remember, not to join back in the office. As soon as you join back your maternity benefits gets cancelled.

Courtesy :
Central Government Staff News
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