Sunday 29 September 2013


We know that a lot of anomalies pending in front of National Anomaly Committee.Few of them were solved and remaining anomalies will be discussed in the next NAC meeting.Even though central govt announced 7th CPC.It is a amicable news for CG employees.This is the time to speak out the problems we faced in 6th CPC through social media and blogs.Child Care Leave is one of the important issue to male central government employees.

To be in synchronised pattern with the Fastidious modern world and to fulfil a family's basic needs such as begetting good education for their child's fruitful future it becomes at most necessity that both the husband and wife should earn for their family.

The reality of high priced commodities which the common man can relish only in his dreams. The mountanious rise of land value which acts as a ardent barrier for fulfilling one own dream home,the dizziness caused by cost of rental houses and finally the enormous increase to gigantic proportion of the fees paid to schools for getting a decent education to their children-These force and make it definite that both the life partners should earn to make both ends meet.

In this economic warfare the grave truth is that the children who should be in the warmth and care of their parents spend and shove their time in the company of electronic gadgets

During important moments i.e the childs ill health , the childs important examination days the 6th pay commission has paved way for the mother to be by the childs sideby, the introduction of the plan known as CCL it has been whole heartedly welcomed by one and all .

Having borne in its mind that todays childcare the sculptors of tomorrows modern india, the central government has given this CCL which is a formidable concession

Of the couples who got towork to earn their living ,those of them who are both central govt employees are very few.

In certain families the husband will be a central govt employee while the wife may work in a private firm.
In some others the husband may work in a private firm while his spouse may work in a central govt institution

For instance let us keep in mind that the husband is a central govt employee and his wife workes in a private institution the critend is that they would not reap the beneath of CCL as it as certained only to the female central govt employee.

We are all very well aware that the children need the warmth and care of both parents in equal measures.If it is so why then the central govt has not alloted CCL for their male employees.

During pregnancy time the female central govt employee are given maternity leave On similar basis the male employees are given paternity leave.This seems to be acceptable to a certain extent.But [to say frankly] the allotment of CCL only to the female central govt employee is not acceptable.

It is the same payment for same work for both the female and male employees in a central govt institution.Similarly the concessions given should be in common for both of them.If a female employee is given two years CCL the male employee also can be given nearly the same if not equal.

There are grounds on which a male central govt employee loses his wife or he diverses why hasn't the govt not taken in to consideration the condition of their children.Henceforth ccl should be given to the male central govt employees though certain conditions can be imposed. Only then the reason for which this concession (ccl) has been introduced could be realised to it full extent. 

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