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Important Differences between Sanchaypost and Finacle (latest 2.12.2013)

Process in Sanchay Post
Process in Finacle
Post Office
For each Post Office, PO Code is allotted.
           In Finacle, each Departmental Post Office is called as Service Outlet (SOL) and allotted a ID which is called as SOL ID.
           Combinations of different SOLs in Finacle is called SOL Set and separate SOL Set ID is allotted for each type of sets.
           Each Branch Post office will be allotted a separate Code during migration which needs to be selected at the time of doing BO transactions from account opening screen. 
Account number
In Sanchay Post, account number is generated from the block of accounts allotted for different schemes.
           In Finacle, account no. is called as Account ID. Account number will be generated by the Finacle CBS application randomly and will be in 10 digits.
           From the Account ID, you cannot identify the scheme as it has no such indication.
           Every Transaction will be given a Transaction ID in Finacle CBS and Counter PA has to write Transaction ID on the voucher.
           Supervisor has to ensure while verifying that Tran-ID is written on the voucher.
           From the Tran-ID, anyone one can see the details of the transaction.
Cash Handling
In Sanchay Post, there is no provision of handling cash.
Cash is handled in SB Cash.
           In Finacle, cash is handled through VAULT.
           All Counter Pas are called as Tellers and each Teller is allotted Teller Cash Account.
           Cash taken from Treasurer is to be first entered in Teller’s cash account and main Vault account of the Supervisor by each Counter PA(Teller).
           Supervisor will verify these entries in the Finacle CBS Application. Only after this, a cash transaction can be done by Counter PA.
           All cash receipts and payments done at the counter are entered into Teller Cash Account automatically.
           Each Counter PA(Teller) has to tally his cash at the close of the counter with his Teller Cash Account.
           After tallying cash, all Counter PAs will return cash through Finacle Teller Cash Account to Supervisor’s Vault who in turn will verify these entries.
           Physical cash will continue to be taken by Counter Pas from Treasurer and Counter Pas will also continue to return physical cash to Treasurer.
           Supervisor has to ensure at the day end that Teller Cash Account of each Teller (Counter PA) is Zero.
Account opening with CIF
There is no process of creation of CIF in Sanchay Post
           In Finacle, for every depositor, CIF has to be created. CIF Number will be in 9 digits generated by the system.
           Before creation of CIF, a de-dupe check has to carried out for checking as to whether the customer is already having any CIF.
           At the time of migration, new CIF will be created for each depositor or guardian.
           There is a menu in Finacle CBS to look the CIF and new account number generated against old account number during migration.
           Counter PA has to write new CIF and Account number in the Passbook of old customers as and when it is presented for transaction.
           All accounts of a customer will be attached with the CIF in Finacle CBS.
           By entering CIF no,, detail of all investments of the customer can be seen.
Use of SS Book
In HPOs and most of the SOs where Sanchay Post is working, SS Book is not maintained.
           On implementation of Finacle CBS application, while opening new accounts by using new Account Opening Form (AOF), additional signatures of depositor(s) to be taken on perforated slip for Savings Account Holders who are able to sign.
           This signature slip needs to be pasted on the SS Book for reference at the time of withdrawal till scanned image of signatures are uploaded into Finacle by Circle Processing Centre (CPC).
           This is to be implemented in HOs as well as SOs after migration to CBS.
Entering of Date of Birth and Last name
In Sanchay Post, entering of Date of Birth is not mandatory except in SCSS and Minor Accounts. There is no concept of First, Middle and Last name in Sanchay Post.
           In Finacle CBS, entering of Date of Birth for all accounts is mandatory.
           Entering of Last name in also mandatory in Finacle CBS.
           When there is no last name for a customer, first name should be entered as last name.
Opening of account by minor of the age between 10-18 years without guardian
Sanchay Posts treats such accounts as Individual Accounts.
           Since entering of Date of Birth is mandatory in Finacle CBS, it treats all depositors of age below 18 years as minor.
           When Minor attains majority, it stops transactions and allow transactions only when status of account is changed from minor to normal.
           Counter PA has to take fresh Account Opening Form with fresh KYC of the depositors after attaining age of 18 years and change status of account from minor to normal.
Funding of accounts
In Sanchay Post , there is a process of accepting deposit at the time of account opening and purchase of certificates.
           In Finacle, deposit is called as Funding.
           Savings and PPF Account can not be funded during account opening.
           Funding has to be done after opening of Savings nad PPF Accounts.
           In case of other types of accounts/certificates, funding has to be done while opening the accounts.
           In Finacle account number will be generated against each certificate issued
           Same process is also applicable to existing certificates and account against each certificate will be created during migration.
Validation of minimum amount of deposit and withdrawal
Sanchay Post does not allow deposit and withdrawal in Savings Account for amount less than Rs.5/-.
           Finacle CBS has no such validation. Counter PA and Supervisor has to ensure that no deposit and withdrawal of less than Rs.5/- is accepted from depositor.
Payment of interest in MIS,TD, SCSS etc.
In Sanchay Post, interest is credited into the MIS/TD/SCSS Accounts and also paid from the accounts.
           In Finacle, Interest is not credited to the MIS/TD/ SCSS Accounts.
           As a batch process, interest in all these three categories of accounts is calculated and credited into repayment account.
           If depositor is having savings account in any CBS post office, interest will be automatically credited into Savings Account of the depositor during batch process.
           Otherwise, interest will be credited into Sundry MIS/SCSS/TD Office Accounts created for each such scheme.
           For payment of interest, by cash, Counter has to pay interest from Sundry Office account.
Therefore, it is desired that all MIS/SCSS and TD account holders should be requested to open savings account and link the same for credit of interest.
Savings/NSS/PPF Account closure. 
In Sanchay Post Savings/NSS/PPF account closure, all calculations of closing interest are done by the software.
           The process of Savings/NSS/PPF account closure in Finacle is totally different.
            When closure is to be invoked, first, make the balance as Zero by withdrawing the available balance before proceeding to closure.
           Detail of closing interest have to be seen only after closure by going through transaction details.
           The depositor should be told to fill receipt portion based on the closing interest seen by invoking interest accrual menu or through transaction details menu.
           Even Supervisor, while authorizing closure cannot see the closing interest amount on the screen.
           For verifying the interest amount written on the voucher, Supervisor also has to either go to the detail of transaction or go to interest accrual to see the closing interest.
           The process of closure of PPF and NSS accounts are also same except that in case of NSS-87 Closure, Counter PA has to deduct TDS by invoking the menu HCACC.
Inventory process
Inventory process in Sanchay Post can be maintained  for SO/HO with Invoice number details etc.
             Process of inventory of certificates and cheque books is different in Finacle CBS application.
Process change for certificate name transfer.
In Sanchay Post, for Certificate transfer from one person to another or single to joint or joint to single, old certificate is  discharged and new certificate is  issued.
             In Finacle CBS application, CIF is to be created for all new depositors.
              Before creation of new CIF, a de-dupe check has to be made for checking about the existence of the customer.
             New CIF is to be created for the new customer whose name is going to be added or in whose name NSCs are going to be transferred.
             New CIF is to be attached with the existing accounts created against each certificate. This is required to be done for each certificate transferred. 
             On the physical certificate, name of old customer has to be rounded and name of new customer to be added under dated signatures of Supervisor.
              In case of single to joint, name of new customer is to be added on the existing certificate.
             Transfer of certificate from one person to another is to be done only once from date of issue to date of discharge.
Certificate issue (linkage with printing of certificates)
In Sanchay Post, on issue of certificate from the substock, certificate is automatically reduced from stock held. But this is different in finacle.
           In Finacle CBS application, issue of certificate from stock is linked to the printing of certificate.
           Even if printer is not working or not available, Counter PA has to invoke the menu of printing a certificate to issue certificate.
           Mere issuing a certificate would not reduce the certificate balance. Only after using print command, the certificate balance from stock is reduced.
NC4a issue
In Sanchay Post, if certificates are not available in stock, a receipt can be issued from Sanchay Post and amount will be accounted for in the post office account against certificate issue. Later, certificates can be issued from the stock against this receipt any time.
                In Finacle CBS System, in such cases, receipt from NC4(a) has to be issued to the customer and it should be ensured that only those denominations should be selected while opening account which can be made available in the near future on receipt of stock as denomination once selected cannot be changed later.
                An account is opened against each certificate in Finacle CBS and Counter PA has to enter the NC4(a) receipt number in the relevant field in Finacle CBS.
                Once, certificates of same denomination are received in stock, the Counter PA has to print certificates against account created under NC4(a).
                Even if the printer is not ready or not working, the Counter PA has to give print command in Finacle so that Certificates will be attached against the accounts opened.
                Certificates can be filled by Hand also. Through a report, any user or visiting officer or inspecting officer or even, DAP officer, Divisional Office, Regional Office or Circle Office can watch the pending NC4(a)’s issued by any post office against which certificates are not issued through a report.
Handling of MPKBY Agent Lists at BOs.
Sanchaya Post has the provision to accept RD Bulk Lists without posting and post transaction at a later date with back dated posting.
           Finacle CBS does not have the facility to accept deposit in bulk and post the transactions later with back date.
           Posting has to be done on the day of receipt.
           Therefore, after Migration to CBS, RD Bulk Lists are to be accepted only either through Agent Portal or at Account Office at the Counter.
RD  Agent Portal
In Sanchay Post, there is a provision to attach RD Accounts with an identified MPKBY Agent and when agent presents a  List, amount of List can be accepted pending posting of the List. Amount of all such Lists are reflected in LOT and posting against pending Lists can be done at a later date with date of presentation of List as date of deposit.
           In Finacle CBS Application, there is no provision to accept Lists of MPKBY/PRSG Agents/Leaders at counter.
           For bulk acceptance of RD deposits from MPKBY Agents/PRSG Leaders, an Agent Portal has been developed which can be accessed through DOP website using internet.
           Any RD account during opening or after opening can be attached with any MPKBY Agent/PRSG Leaders.
           Once account is attached to the agent, deposit cannot be accepted at the counter in that account unless depositor gives in writing to cancel the attachment with agent.
           During migration, all accounts already attached with a particular agent in Sanchay Post will be attached with the same agent in Finacle CBS application.
           All MPKBY agents will be issued Login ID and Password to operate Agent Portal.
           When agent logs in to Agent Portal, all live RD accounts attached with the agent will be visible to the agent.
            Agent can select the installment month. Default fee/ rebate will be calculated by the system.
            Agent can select three different modes of deposits i.e cash, by POSB Cheque and by any other Bank Cheque.
           When agent selects cash as mode of deposit, system will stop entries, once limit of Rs.10,000/-  is reached.
           System will generate one reference number against each List.
           Agent can print the LIST by using any printer.
           When agent comes to the post office with printed List(s) with either cash/POSB Cheque/other Bank Cheques having reference numbers against each list.
           Counter PA will enter the reference number printed on the List and will be able to see the List(s) presented.
           Counter PA will compare all the entries in the printed List with that in the Finacle CBS and see that there is no change in the default fee or rebate on the day of presentation and accept the List after counting cash or POSB Cheques.
           CBS System will once again validate all the entries in the Finacle Core Banking Solution application and accept the deposits.
           If any deposit is rejected, Counter PA can print the revised LIST and return the excess money to agent.
           Counter PA will save the transactions posted and then Supervisor has to validate the posting.
           Only, after Supervisor tallies the printed copy with the system and authorizes the posting, only then the amount would be reflected in the Counter LOT.
           Agent commission will be automatically credited into Agent’s savings account after deducting the TDS.
           In case of other Bank cheques, Counter PA will not post the entries.
           Cheque will first be sent for clearance after lodging them into Office Account called, “Account Opened through Cheque”
           Once credit comes into this office account, the LIST is to be posted by debiting that Office Account.
           All entries of all agent Lists will then be printed in the Counter LOT after verification by Supervisor.
 Therefore, it is advised that only one counter should be identified for accepting agent LISTs.
           In case, any agent finds it difficult to operate Agent Portal and brings either printed or handmade copy of List, Counter PA can enter as Super User into Agent Portal and make entries on behalf of that agent.
           After List is printed on behalf of agent, the rest is the same procedure.
To the extent possible all MPKBY agents should be encouraged to use Agent Portal themselves for which User Champions can train them in WCTCs in batches.
There is no provision to keep the posting of RD agent list pending in Finacle CBS.
Maintenance of stock of Passbooks.
In Sanchay Post, Passbook stock and supply is maintained.
           Finacle CBS application does not support maintenance of stock and supply of Passbooks.
           After Migration to CBS, Passbook stock and supply is to be maintained manually.
Maintenance of Office accounts
There is no concept of Office Accounts in Sanchay Post as it is based on Single Entry system.
           Finacle CBS Application is based on Double Entry Accounting system.
           Every entry into Finacle CBS has two legs i.e Debit/withdrawal and Credit/Deposit.
           Many Office Accounts have been opened for taking care of the second leg of posting.
           List of Transactions are also printed based on the second leg of posting and General Ledger Balances/Scheme-wise
           Balances in an office are also created with the second leg of posting.
           Some of the Office Accounts are operated by Counter PAs and Supervisors and some are maintained by the System itself.
           On day one of Go Live, list of office Accounts to be operated by the staff will be provided by FSI Team.
Many of these office accounts have to be watched by SBCO or Postmaster or Division /Region/Circle/DAP Offices in the shape of reports.
List of Office Accounts to be used by Counter Pas and Supervisors is attached as Annexure-I
List of Office Accounts to be watched by SBCO or Postmaster or Division/Region/Circle/DAP Offices is attached as Annexure-II.
Shifting of signature scanning and other related work to Circle Processing Center (CPC).
In Sanchay Post, signatures are scanned at the Post Office counter. There is provision of signature scanning in SOSB and also no provision for photo scanning in Sanchay Post.
           On implementation of Finacle CBS application, a document scanning and storage system called ECMS is also being implemented.
           On opening of account, the Counter PA has to take additional signatures on the perforated slip of new Account Opening Form (AOF)and paste the same in SS Book after tearing from AOF.
           AOF alongwith KYC documents will be sent to CPC on daily basis where KYC documents will be once again matched with AOF and on acceptance, AOF and KYC documents will be scanned in ECMS and uploaded into Finacle Core.
           The scanned images will be available in both ECMS and Finacle CBS and any CBS post office will be able to see these documents.
           Photo and signature will be separately stored for ready reference in all Finacle withdrawal and closure screens and can be accessed using the “SVS” icon provided.
           Physical documents will be sent back to concerned Post Office by CPC.
           Any rejected AOF will also be returned to Post Office with KYC document mentioning the reason for rejection.
           Post Office will get the rectification done and resubmit the documents with AOF to CPC for further process. 
Transfer of accounts/certificates between finacle CBS and non finacle CBS Post Offices.
In Sanchay Post, there is a provision to transfer any account to any post office and it generates Advice of Transfer along with Transfer Journals. Certificates issued by other offices can be discharged under the option Discharged at Other Offices after verification.
           In Finacle CBS application, the account can be transferred to any CBS post office only.
           Similarly, non CBS post office can transfer account/certificate to Non CBS post Office only.
           In Finacle CBS Application, there is no need to generate any AT or Transfer General or do the pairing.
           Only, the post office, after satisfying the genuiness of depositor, has to change the home SOL (post Office) of the account and account will be transferred instantly.
           A report can be generated showing accounts transferred from one SOL to another in all CBS post offices.
           Certificates issued from non CBS Post Offices cannot be discharged at CBS Post Offices.
           Certificates issued from CBS post offices can be discharged at any CBS post office by changing the home SOL of the certificates.
           PPF and SCSS accounts can be transferred IN and Out from CBS post offices to Banks and from Banks to Post Office.
Cheque clearance
In Sanchay Post, cheques are entered against account numbers and in case of new accounts marking as New Account against Account number.
Lists are printed and sent to HO along with cheques.
In HO, cheques of SOs and HO are combined and handed over to Treasurer along with list for clearing.
Treasurer is attending Clearing House activities and after getting clearance, intimated the HO Counter about credit.
HO Counter accounts are credited and reflected in LOT and SO’s cheques are credited at HO under Part-II and intimation is sent to concerned SO under part-III for posting in SO ledger.
           In Finacle CBS application, except in Savings Accounts, Cheques cannot be lodged/entered against relevant account numbers.
           It has a full fledged Cheque Clearing Module. Full fledged Cheque Clearance Module of Finacle CBS will be implemented when A HO and its all SOs are migrated to CBS.
           Cheque are to lodged against an Office Account created as “ Account opened through Cheque”.
           The procedure for handling cheque clearance in Finacle CBS is totally different from Sanchay Post.
           Till CSI, comes, the present cheque clearance will be handled by the Treasurer in the same way as these are handled today.
           Treasurer will be  handed over two lists, i.e one of Sanchay Post and another of Finacle CBS.
           Posting of cheques lodged in Finacle will be done in Finacle CBS at HPO level itself and there will be no need to send any intimation to SO for posting.
           In case of new accounts, SO can see the credit happen in Office Account of HO and can open and fund/make deposit in account from the office account putting date of credit as value date.
           Once CSI comes, the clearing house activities will be handled by Treasurer by using Finacle CBS cheque clearing module.
It is advised to convince the depositors to first open Savings Account in Post Office and then present POSB Cheque instead of other Bank Cheques which will save clearing time also.
Account opening through cheque
In Sanchay Post, there is no concept of Office Accounts and account opened through cheques can be opened and credited by selecting the cheque details from the list of cheques prepared in Sanchay Post.
           In Finacle, Cheques of other Banks cannot be lodged against the scheme or account number.
           The cheques are to be lodged in Office Account and once credit is received, the account can be funded/deposited by debiting/withdrawing amount from that Office Account.
           While opening new accounts after getting credit information in Office Account, the Counter PA has to enter the cheque details in Remarks field of Finacle screen so that Cheque number can be captured/entered and shown in the remarks column of LOT.
           The cheque detail field in account opening screen is for entering POSB Cheque details only.
            After opening or during opening of account, amount of deposit can be credited by debiting the office account.
           Other Bank Cheque details will not be automatically captured by the system from office account during account opening. However, POSB Cheque detail can be entered in while account opening.
 Therefore, it is advised to convince the customer to first open Savings Account and present POSB Cheque or if he gives other Bank Cheque, that can be lodged against his savings account for automatic credit after clearance. From customer Savings Account, the new account can be funded/credited on opening.
Subsequent deposits through cheque
In case of RD and PPF, many depositors pay the monthly installment or subscription in PPF through other Bank Cheques.
At present the rule is that in case of RD, date of presentation of cheque is the date of deposit.
This rule is going to be changed soon. Date of credit will be the date of deposit.
In Sanchay Post, these cheques can be lodger/entered against their RD and PPF accounts and once intimation of clearance is received, credit can be given by just selecting the relevant cheque number from the list.
           In Finacle, as stated above, other bank cheques cannot be directly lodged/credited against relevant RD or PPF accounts.
           Cheques have to be lodged against designated Office Account and after getting clearance information, each and every deposit is to be made in the relevant RD and PPF account by debiting that identified office account.
           There are chances of mistakes and the procedure is time consuming also
Therefore, it is advised to pursue such RD and PPF customers to open Post Office Savings account, avail value added services like ATM Card, Internet Banking, Mobile Banking and issue POSB Cheque for subsequent deposit. This will also save time taken in clearing of other Bank Cheque.
Claim closure
In Sanchay Post, the Counter PA has to enter date of death and all other calculations are done by the Sanchay Post system.
           In Finacle CBS application, different processes are to be followed for different death claim cases.
           CIF of the deceased has to be suspended and date of death is to be entered in CIF.
           In case, nominee or legal heir wants to continue account, his/her CIF has to be created and existing account has to be attached with new CIF.
           All the nominees or legal heirs have to come together to claim amount as there is no provision to keep the amount in the account for the nominee or legal heir who does not claim along with other one.
In case of new accounts, it is better to advise the depositor to make nomination only in the name of one person.
Half Withdrawal in RD and Loan in PPF .
In sanchay post, There is a provision for Half W/D and as a result, balance is reduced.
In PPF, Loan amount is calculated by Sanchay and balance is reduced from the existing account balance.
           In Finacle, there is no concept of Half Withdrawal. Instead, a separate Loan Account is opened in RD for Half Withdrawal.
           Loan account is also having separate number with 1 suffixed to the original account number.
           Amount of Loan/Half W/D is not reduced from balance and instead, a lien is marked for that amount so that at the time of PMC, this amount is not paid.
           At the time of closure of RD account where loan is taken, Counter PA has to first close RD Loan Account.
           For PPF loan also, Loan account is opened separately and have an account number with 1 suffixed to the original account number.
End of Day
Day end in sanchay post is done separately for each office.
        The End of Day process in Finacle is done in three parts – First at SO, then at HO and the last part at the Data Centre level for date changeover..
        SO has to run, SOL validation command before leaving office and clear all pending transactions.
        At HO, System Administrator will do End of Day for HO as well as all SOs under HO.
        Once all HOs do the EOD, at Data Centre, EOD of the Department has to happen.
Standing Instruction
Only the account numbers are entered and the date of execution is picked automatically by the software.
           In Finacle, SI always originates from SB accounts
           MIS and TD interest to SB account is not termed as SI in Finacle CBS but termed as Customer Instruction.
            While entering SI in Finacle, frequency and date of execution have to be entered positively.
RD-claim closure where Advance deposits are made
Claim is allowed up to the date of claim.
           In Finacle CBS, RD Claim is allowed only till the month in which depositor expired and the remaining advance deposits paid would be refunded without any interest.
Loan repayment through Agent bulk list
In Sanchay post there is a provision to remit repayment of loan amount
           In finacle, the loan repayment is not allowed to be  made through Agent Portal.
           The same has to be done across the counter by the depositor or agent on behalf of agent.
Repayment of Loan entries
Loan repayment is done as part of deposit. Loan repayment should be accompanied with monthly deposit and Loan can be paid either in Lump Sum or in monthly installments.
           In Finacle CBS, repayment of loan can be done any time with any amount.. For this, Counter PA has to select option of Unscheduled payment.
           Unscheduled repayment entries to be paid through HLAUPAY.
           For generation of interest, a menu to be invoked. If repayment is done using HPAYOFF Interest will be generated.
           In Finacle CBS, Lump Sum deposit is called Bullet Payment.

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