Wednesday 25 December 2013

Working Procedure with COD Articles


Procedure to Deal with COD articles in Postman Module

COD Articles receive , invoice and delivery procedure were included in this post to easy understand.
Main Modules were required to Update COD article delivery:
  • R Net Communication.
  • Postman 
  • ePayment

COD Articles not yet received even execute R Net Communication

Some offices may not updated the latest version before receive the COD articles, but after update MM 7 Update -7 article information not received.
In some cases Offices were updated before receive the COD articles but messages were not received.
  1. Update the Latest release of dated 17.12.13 Log in as Postman Supervisor send Request resend for COD articles under Tools option.
  2. Execute R Net Communication.
Note1: If problem not fixed kindly contact CEPT for Solution.
Note2: Request resend option available in only update 9 dated 17.12.13

How to Invoice COD ?

  • COD articles should be invoiced only in Postman Module under COD article post sorting option. Not in Register parcel. 
  • For BOs it should be invoiced by COD article > To BOs option in Postman Module.
  • For Mis-send /Mis match Pin-code articles need not invoice in postman or BO, it should be send to Booking office without invoicing to postman or BOs using Mismatch Pincode option in COD articles.

How to take Returns and submit amount?

  • Returns should be taken invoiced beat, for delivery beat do payment to treasury like as eVP.
(Treasury > Receipts > Postman returns > Beat >Enter cash -which was collected amount for COD)
  • For HO/SO Submit account should be done at Postman Supervisor under Treasury.
  • For BOs, verification should be done in Postman Supervisor  under Treasury ans it should be tallied with sub account. 

How to transmit payment details to Central Server

Delivered COD articles were checked whether proper account were made in Treasury module and its were transmitted to central server through ePayment Communication.
Courtesy : POTools


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