Saturday 7 June 2014

CBS Help Desk for India Post; Facilities and Escalation matrix

Insurance Processing Centres. Following are the details about CBS Help Desk and its escalations matrix.

Helpdesk Model

1.       Who should contact the helpdesk?

•        User

2.       How should the user contact the helpdesk?

•        Phone (1800 103 9474)
•        E-mail (

3.       What information is required by the helpdesk?

List of questions below will be asked by the helpdesk before creating a ticket.

In the interest of saving time for creating the incident, user to have answers handy for the questions below as applicable.

Primary Questions:

•        Calling from which post-office branch? Caller contact details (email/ phone)?
•        Problem with which application/module/menu item?
•        What is the issue/incident?
•        Is the issue occurring only for you? Or many users / systems affected?
Is the issue business impacting?
•        Is the issue appearing if you login with your user id from another desktop?
•        What is Operating System, Browser version is used?
•        Is the network connectivity to the Data Center up?
•        Have the CBS desktop settings been applied as per the Infosys document circulated
•        User id will be requested over the phone

Optional Questions – If required for Issue:

•        Optional – Menu name, CIF id, SOL id, Account Number may be requested over the phone on need basis.
•        Optional – Screen shots with brief notes may be requested over email, if required.
•        Optional – Sequence of steps while getting this error will be requested over the phone and email.
4.       After Creating an Incident what information you would get from helpdesk? 

Helpdesk will provide the Incident Severity/Priority and SLA hours for giving resolution. This will be tied up with RFP scope as applicable.
5.       How will the helpdesk agent help you resolve your issue on a call?

•        Helpdesk will suggest troubleshooting steps based on issue
•        Help desk will refer ready-reckoner available

6.       What happens if the helpdesk agent cannot resolve your issues while on the call (or if you contact over email)?

•        Help desk will route the trouble ticket to Infosys support
•        Infosys support investigates the ticket and finds solution
•        Infosys support provides solution over e-mail or phone to user

7.       What are the hours of operation for the End-user?

End-user helpdesk -> 08:00 Hrs to 20:00 Hrs (Monday to Saturday)

8.       How can you track the status of your incident?

User tracks incident status via helpdesk E-mail (, Phone (1800 103 9474)

9.       Who will be accountable if Helpdesk is not giving reply?

In this case, user can escalate to the next level as given in the Escalation Matrix.

Escalation for FSI:

Escalation for ECMS:

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