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         Core Banking Solution (CBS) is a network of post offices, which enables customers to operate their accounts and avail account related services from any post office. It replaces the existing sanchay post. The difference between sanchay and CBS is very simple. Sanchay Post is a LAN (Local Area Network) based application . CBS on the other hand is a centralized application
with internet base.

          MPKBY agents canvas customers and procure RD business. At present agents are preparing bulk lists either manually or through RD Customer package provided by DOP.

              As Finacle CBS is implemented in DOP, MPKBY/PRSS agents need to prepare bulk list through Web Portal by using the user name and password. Every MPKBY/PRSS agent will be provided with user name and password.

             Once the agent logons to web portal, all the accounts linked to the particular agent will be displayed. Agents can select multiple accounts by clicking the check box. Search option is also available for selecting the account number with fetch option. Once the accounts are selected, system navigates to the next screen. After completion of the selection, the agent has to select SAVE. The saved accounts will be appeared on the screen.

               In Cash Mode, if there is no rebate payment or partial default payment, the agent can click on “Pay all saved installments”.

            If there are default installments, Default fee, if any, will be displayed against the particular account. Suppose if there are three months default, default fee for the 1st defaulted month alone will be displayed.

            After selecting the accounts, we have to mention the no of total installments (to know default fee or rebate, click the option ‘get rebate & default fee’) and SAVE the same. After clicking on ‘pay all saved installments’, a reference number like C123 will be generated.

               Agents can take required number of print outs from the “Reports” menu by entering the “Reference Number”. The file can be downloaded either as “PDF” or “XLS”also.

             While adjusting to any changed new scenario, generally we feel nervous. It is quiet natural. At the same time we have to understand that change is inevitable. Our ancestors already proved that Wonders and impossible things are possible because of only two things. They are interest and changing of mindset.

1.       What is the maximum and minimum number of accounts in the schedule?
Fifty is the maximum and   minimum is one account.

2.       What is the maximum amount of the schedule?
Maximum amount is Ten thousand. And there is no maximum limit for the cheque accounts ie deposits made, through cheques, issued by the customers.

3.       Can the agent give the schedules beyond ten thousand; say 10050- by foregoing the commission for the excess amount?
NO.  Exact ten thousand should be observed.

4.       Is there any restriction in the submission of number of schedules?
No. Any number of schedules may be given in the day. However each schedule should not be beyond ten thousand.

5.       Is it compulsory to get cheques for each deposit?
Yes. However, the agent can accept one cheque for all deposits of the same depositor.

6.       Can the agent mingle the cash and cheque accounts in one schedule?

7.       What about new accounts in the schedule?
New accounts, RD Loan, Repayment of RD Loan should be presented separately.

8.       Can the depositor pay the RD installment directly, even though he paid the previous installment through agent?
Yes.  Any account can be accepted in the finacle by delinking or linking from the agent by obtaining a letter from the depositor.

9.       Will the posting be done automatically, by just generating the list itself?
No. the posting will be completed only after upgrading the schedule at post office by using the agent ID and reference number.

10.    Can the agent modify or delete the generated list?

11.   Is it compulsory to present the generated list to the post office   on the same day itself?
No. Generated schedules   may be submitted to the Post office on any day, but before           the default date.

12.   What is the care, to be taken about password?
The password will be blocked after entering the wrong pass word for ten times. It will be released only by the data migration command centre (DMCC) by raising a request. The password should also be changed with regular intervals of 180 days for security measures.

13.     How can the agent confirm himself about the upgrading of the schedule?
 He can confirm the upgrading by checking the ledger entries of the account in the net portal.

14.   Can the agent take print outs of the previous schedules?
Yes. The agent can take the printouts in the reports menu by entering the reference id of the schedule.

15.   How can the software calculate the rebate on the deposits of the same account, which appears in the two generated lists?
The rebate will be changed by updating the second list and total eligible rebate will be given in the second list itself.

16.   What is the default calculation of the RD accounts?
For this purpose the accounts were segregated two types ie the accounts opened between first and fifteenth   of the month and between 16th and last day of the month. The deposits made beyond the concerned period will be paid with penalty.

17.   Is there any TDS exemption for the schedules of Rs. 5000- & below?

18.   At present schedules, for which agency period is expired, are also being allowed on the basis of collector letter which confirms the extension is under process. Is there the facility in finacle?
NO. Transactions could not be performed by Agents on expiry of Agent License.

19.   Is the PAN card compulsory for opening of SB accounts for agents? Can the agent be allowed with other proof in the place of PAN?
PAN Card is compulsory.  No other proof is allowed.

20.   Is there any change in the present default fee?
Yes. In the finacle software, the default fee for RD account is one rupee for Rs. 100-Dn.

21.   What is the meaning of the term OLD ACCOUNT NUMBER IS NOT ALLOWNED IN CHEQUES?
A new ten digit number, introduced in the place of old account number,
should only be used on the cheques.

22.   Is the assals number compulsory in operating the schedule?
No.  The assals number is not compulsory.

23.    How can we see the ledger entries of the account
General details will be  appeared on the display screen. However full details of the account may be found by clicking on the account number.

24.   What is the difference between DSA ID and user id?
Both are same.

25.   What is the meaning of pending, success, failure in generating schedules?
They say the status of the generation of the schedule. However after successful generation of the schedule only, the reference number will
be allotted.

26.   What about the commission?
The commission, eligible, will automatically be credited in the SB account of the agent. Hence the Commission should not be deducted from the total amount of the schedules.

27.   Finacle does not allow new accounts in the routine schedules for the first time. Does it mean that the agent will forego the commission for the first month?
No. The commission, for the new accounts also, will automatically be credited into the agent’s SB account.

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