Friday 20 November 2015


Pay Commission Calculator Created By PoTools

This calculator is based on the hike of salary percentage as it reports submitted on 19.11.15
Please fill your current Pay and allowances details given below and click Submit button to know your overall salary after  implementation of 7th CPC recommendations
Basic Pay    

TA               Enter Current TA Figure

Enter HRA Percentage           Enter HRA % i.e 8 / 16 / 24

Revised 7th CPC Calculator - Pay Commission Calculator 19.11.2015 developed and published by PoTools

Click below button to calculate New Pay


New Basic Pay Rs.  Rounded Value

New HRA        Rs.  Based on above Percentage of New Basic

New TA           Rs.  2.25 of Old TA

New DA          Rs.  Taken as 5% from New Basic

Total                Rs.   Rounded Value     

The above calculator was designed as per report submitted by the Commission. This is an approximate calculation as per report, if any issues found / known kindly feel free to contact

Salient Features of 7th Pay Commission

kindly Refer the Matrix Formula with your New Basic Pay to Calculate accurate Hike


  1. Recommended 2.5 factor pay increase in average
  2. DA 5 %
  3. HRA 8%,16%,24% as eligibility
  4. TA increased factor 2.25
  5. Cash handling allowance and SB allowance abolished

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