Saturday 25 February 2012

Comprehensive Health Insurance Scheme in Tamil Nadu

The state government of Tamil Nadu has introduced a new Comprehensive Health Insurance Scheme for the residents of the state. A sum of Rs.150 crores has been allotted for this. This was announced in the Assembly by the Finance Minister Mr. O. Panneerselvam on Thursday 4thAugust 2011.

The new insurance scheme will replace the previous ''Kalaignar Insurance Scheme'' that covered 642 medical procedures and which expired on 5th July 2011.


The new insurance scheme would give a cover of 1 lakh rupees annually for 950 medical procedures, which would be extended up to 1.5 lakh rupees for treatment of few specific diseases.

It was aimed at providing affordable and quality health services to the people. Under the new scheme, a family can avail of medical benefits up to 4 lakh rupees for 4 years while it was 1 lakh rupees for 4 years according to the previous scheme.

Priority for Government Hospitals

The new scheme also seeks to give government hospitals priority over those in the private sector. Certain types of treatments will be permitted only in government hospitals and special wards will be set up for this in hospitals approved by the Government.

Under the scheme, certain medical procedures will be allowed to be performed only at government hospitals which will help in their upgradation and special and exclusive areas will be earmarked in the government hospitals identified under the scheme.

Interim Period

The state government would identify an insurance firm for implementing the new insurance scheme. During the interim period, till the insurance firm is selected, those requiring treatment will be allowed under the existing scheme at recognized hospitals limited to the amount fixed under the scheme. The required amount incurred on treatment would be sent directly to the hospital.

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