Wednesday 15 February 2012

PMG, மத்திய மண்டலத்துடனான இரு மாதங்களுக்கு இடையேயான பேட்டி எதிர் வரும் 17.02.2012 அன்று நடை பெறுகிறது. அதற்கான பிரச்சினைகள் கீழே
கொடுக்கப் பட்டுள்ளது. பேட்டி முடிந்தவுடன் விபரங்கள் தெரிவிக்கப் படும்.

The following items are taken up for discussions during the bi-monthly meeting to be held on 17.02.2012.

1. Re-opening of item No.2/2011 . The reply given on 17.10.2011 meeting, was not implemented. Even alternate arrangements were not made to meet the various duties of unprovided work hours, as mentioned therein, for which staff have been drawn from sanctioned establishments, besides to manage heavy shortages. Staff met with untold sufferings due to engaging in various un-normed business activities, extended business hours, shortage, power cut, inadequate infrastructure etc. etc.
2. Re-opening of item No.4/2011, since the matter is already taken up in the RJCM meeting
on 24.08.2011 and the CPMG, TN replied that instructions were given to all Region to implement the orders of Directorate.

New items:-

1. Non implementation of orders of Directorate /C.O. by the Divisional heads on various issues years- to-gether For eg.

a) Non drawal of enhanced rate of daily allowance (food charges)  in respect of TA claims of officials for the period from 01-01-2012 to  31-07-2012. Food charges to be enhanced by 25% on grant of dearness   allowance above 50% with effect t from 01-01-2012.

b) Non grant of MACP and other benefits to the RRR candidates appointed after the Judgement of Hon'ble Supreme Court of India.

c) Non payment of Honoraria for drawal of arrears to GDS on Natarajamurthy Committee recommendations.

d) Non payment of Honoraria for drawal of pension arrears on pay commission recommendations.

e) Stepping up of the pay of the promotee seniors with direct recruited juniors appointed on or after 1.1.2006 as per Dte. Orders dt. 05.01.2011.

f) Non revision of FSC though ordered on 02.12.2010.

g) Non supply of APAR to the officials in the prescribed period to prefer any appeal as per the orders dt. 14.5.2009 & 13.04.2010

h) Non grant of advance of TA or non allowing of TA to the newly recruited P.A.s in connection with undergoing induction training after the date of their appointment.

2. Non functioning of UPS , printers, batteries in various offices throughout the Region and non supply of Laser printers to take print outs, of large volume of EMOs.  UPS and printers almost in 80% offices of Central Region are not in working condition. Despite reminders AMC for UPS and Printers are not attending faults. Because of UPS failure customers could not attend the office and transactions not done during the business hours. This is mainly because of 8 hours TNEB power cut on daily basis. Staff in total computerized office are tortured to give data and other information through email. In the mean time more and more offices are identified as EMO centre and they are authorized and ordered to take print of EMOs without providing Laser printers. It is much difficult and time consuming to take print out of EMO in ordinary dot matrix printers. Eg. Vedaraniyam, various Pos in Mayiladuturai, Trichy, Thanjavur Dns.
3. Request for arranging bank drawings in all towns, where the branches of any Bank is available, since the funding to S.O.s is highly at risk due to heavy payments to the tune of lakhs of rupees on IMT,OAP MOs etc. eg. In Mayiladuturai , Vriddhachalam, cuddalore etc.

The following office bearers are attending the meeting.

1. Sri. J. Ramamurthy, Circle Secretary, & PA, Tiruvallikeni SO Chennai 600 005.

2. Sri. A. Manoharan, Regional Secretary & PA, Vriddhachalam HO 606 001.

with greetings,

J.R. , circle secretary.

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