Tuesday 14 February 2012

News from AIPEUP3 CHQ - General Secretary’s Desk

One Day Strike on 28.02.2012

The call for Nationwide industrial action on 28.02.2012 organised by all the 15 Central Trade Unions including INTUC, AITUC, CITU, BMS, HMS etc. is the last option since all their avenues of protest like dharnas, demonstrations, rallies and finally the Jail Bharo Programmes besides raising the issues relating to labour and common people at various forums yielded no results. It is rather found that labour was becoming an unwanted agenda for the Governments.

The Postal JCA after long discussions called upon all the Postal workers to join the strike and save the nation and protect the labour from neo economic policies adopted at the centre. The strike notice was served to the department on 10.02.2012.

All Branch/Divisional/Circle Secretaries are requested to organize the workers by holding meetings at various work spots and ensure 100% participation in the ensuing 28.02.2012 strike.

Puri Workshop – An Historic Success

The workshop organized by the CHQ at Puri from 04.02.2012 to 05.02.2012 ended with resounding success. The aim for which it was convened has been fulfilled and in the examination held among the participants, many secured very good percentage which exhibits the success of the workshop. Full details of the workshop is being published in the Website/Bhartiya Post. The valuated answer sheet has been despatched to all the participants respectively.

Let us convene our next workshop shortly. The willing circle to host the next workshop may please be come forward immediately in order to organize the next workshop either in the month of July or August 2012.

Central Working Committee Meeting – PatnaIt is decided to hold the next Central Working Committee Meeting of our union at Patna from 10.04.2012 to 11.04.2012, All CHQ office bearers are requested to book their tickets well in advance. Formal notice will be despatched to them after the finalization of venue and agenda.

JCM Departmental Council

JCM Departmental Council was held on 10.02.2012 and 49 new subjects were discussed. Earlier on 02.02.2012, the standing committee was held to discuss about the pending issues placed in the JCM meeting. The minutes of both the meetings will be published after its receipt. The demands already placed for discussions in the meeting but discussed during strike charters were not discussed again. The Secretary assured that all the items discussed and decided earlier will be finalized at the earliest possible.

System Administrators case – Separate cadre

The case was again discussed in the standing committee meeting of the Departmental Council held on 02.02.2012. It was informed that further action on this case will be taken after finalization of the proposal of the cadre Review committee. However the Member (Personnel) reiterated that creation of a separate cadre may not be feasible. She explained that there will be a limited chance for ‘System Administrators’ further promotion in a separate cadre and further DOP&T may insist on direct recruitment only. The chance for absorption of the existing system administrators will also be remote as separate qualification etc will be fixed for the post. In short the Postal Board is not in favour of creation of separate cadre. Our demand for separate cadre is also not rejected. A final decision will be taken only after the finalisation of the proposals by the Cadre review committee in which we are demanding the formation of System Assistant Posts with further promotional avenues.

GDS Protection of TRCA

In order to implement the assurances of Hon’ble State Minister of communication to Staff side on 20.01.2012, Postal Board constituted a committee of officers to examine the GDS cases including cash handling norms remittances from BO to AO etc for brought under norms, protection of TRCA etc under the chairmanship of Sri. V. P. Singh DDG (Establishment). The Committee will submit its report within a month.

Committee on Casual labourers problems

Member (Personnel) informed that the committed on Casual Labourers problems headed by Assam Chief PMG has submitted its report and it is under examination by the Directorate. The staff side has also submitted its suggestions on casual labourers. It was assured that a decision will be arrived within one month.

Clear Quota, Bhartiya Post Dues & Publications

Many divisions are still keeping dues and not clearing the full Quota, Dues on journals and publications. The two financial years for determination of delegates will end on 31.03.2012. All Branch/Divisional Secretaries are requested to clear the Quota, and all dues forthwith without inviting reminders.

Hand Book 2012

Many divisions/branches have not indented Hand Book 2012 and the CHQ has sent only one copy to them. It is needless to say that it should be supplied to all new entrants as well as all office bearers atleast. Branch/Divisional Secretaries are requested to kindly make required indent immediately.

Let us meet in the next and till then with greetings,

Comradely yours,

K. V. Sridharan

General Secretary

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