Friday 30 March 2012

Day 2

  அறிவைத் தேடி ..................

அறிவைத் தேடுவோம் !                              அடுத்த தலைமுறை வளர்ப்போம் !

1.      Whether Dies non, EXOL without MC etc will cause postponement of increment which was available earlier?
Ø  As per the R. P. Rules 2008, the date of increment will be 1st July every year for all employees. If an employee has completed six months or more after his last increment in July, he is entitled for next annual increment. As such there is no effect for Dies non, EXOL without MC etc up to six months in one year starting from July to June next year.
2.      Whether the current pay bands remove the stagnation? Or is there any provision of stagnation increments etc?
Ø  There will be no stagnation as per the revised rules. If an employee reaches maximum of his pay band, after one year he will be placed in the next pay band providing him one increment. Thus he will move up to pay band 4 and there is no chance of stagnation.
3.      Suppose, an official availed EOL (Without MC) for more than six months and he is not having six months qualifying service as on 1st July what will be the fate of his increment?
Ø  No. He will not be drawn the increment. If qualifying service is less than six months from 1st July of the previous year till 30th June of the year the date of increment shall be postponed to 1st July of the next year.
4.      An official is ordered to officiate in higher Post first for 10 days and subsequently extended for another 10 days. Whether he is entitled for higher officiating pay?
Ø  Yes. An official officiating in higher post for less than 14 days, he is not entitled for higher pay. However, even if the first spell is less than 14 days but subsequently extended, the official officiating in the higher post is entitled for higher pay as per the Directorate letter No. 9-25/82-SPG/SPB II dt. 29.05.86.
5.      What is the maximum amount of salary that can be attached?
Ø  (i) In case of decree for maintenance: (Gross emoluments – allowances exempted) X 2/3
(ii)   In case of other decrees: (Gross emoluments – allowances exempted – Rs.1000/-) X 1/3
(Rules 74 of CGA (R & P) Rules 1983)
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