Saturday 3 March 2012


A meeting of the Departmental Council (JCM) under the Chairpersonship of Secretary(Posts) was held on 10.02.2012. The following were present:
Official Side
Staff Side
1. Ms. Manjula Prasher, Secretary(P)
& Chairperson, Departmental Council(JCM)
2. Ms. Yesodhara Menon, Member(P)
3. Ms. Suneeta Trivedi, Member(Plg.)
4. Shri Santosh Gauriar, Member(O)
5. Kalpana Tiwari, CGM MB&O
6. Shri S.K. Sinha, CGM PLI
7. Shri Tilak De, DDG(MM&Estates)
8. Shri V.P. Singh, DDG(Estt.)
9. Shri Salim Haque, DDG(P)
10. Ms. Aindri Anurag, DDG(PO&CP)
11. Shri A.S. Prasad, DDG(FS)
12. Shri V.K. Tiwary, DDG(R&P)

13. Shri Subhash Chander,
1. Shri K.V. Sridharan,Leader
2. Shri Giriraj Singh,
3. Shri M. Krishnan,
4. Shri D. Theagarajan
5. Shri D. Kishan Rao
6. Shri Ishwar Singh Dabas
7. Shri T. N. Rahate
8. Shri P. Suresh
9. Shri Pranab Bhattacharjee
10. Shri A.H. Siddiqui
11. Shri K. Ragavendra
12. Shri S. Karunanidhi
13. Shri Surinder Pal

The meeting started with introductory remarks of the Chairperson wherein she apprised of the staff side about the proposal of recognition of federations heaving been taken up for consideration and approval of the competent authority. This was followed by the staff side thanking the Chairperson for convening the meeting as per the schedule. Thereafter agenda items were taken up for discussion. The gist of discussions held during the meeting is as follows:-
Annexure – I
1. Long distance schedules of MMS
The staff side was apprised of the instructions having been issued to Heads of Circles on 15.06.2010 to increase the utilization of vehicles by extending the existing schedules up to 300 kms. The position about clearance of Ministry of Finance regarding purchase of new vehicles as also replacement of old vehicles happening much faster was also explained to the staff side.
The contention of the staff side was that the aforesaid instructions are not being observed and it was agreed to reiterate the said instructions.
2. Diversion of MMS vehicles
The staff side averred that the vehicles allotted to MMS for operational purposes were diverted to Circle/Regional offices, which is adversely affecting the efficiency of mail delivery. They desired issue of strict instructions in the matter so that vehicles are used for the purpose for which they are procured.
The instructions issued in this regard by the Department from time to time were brought to the notice of the staff side with an understanding to reiterate the instructions once again.
3. Holding of examination for filling up the posts of AMM in MMS
The staff side pointed out delay in finalization of Rules of Recruitment for the post of Assistant Manager in MMS, with a request to finalise it on priority. The Chairperson advised the official side to complete the pending action in regard to finalization of Recruitment Rules within 2 months.
4. Holding of DPC for filling up the posts of Deputy Manager MMS
It was agreed to complete the process within 2 months.
5. Appointment to the grade of Supdt. Stg. In RMS
The contention of the staff side was that the 4 posts of Supdt. Sorting in RMS which were meant for general line officials are either manned by ASPs or by PSS/PMS Group B officials. Further, the Circles in which these posts exist are also not known. During discussions, a reference was also made to 4 posts of AD (Recruitment) out of which 3 are lying vacant. Besides requesting for filling up of the above posts, the staff side mentioned about their merger with main stream of Group B posts and increasing quota of General line officials from the existing 6% to a higher percentage.
The Chairperson advised the Personnel Division to find out the availability of posts and to fill all the posts meant for general line officials from that category only within three months.
6. Acute shortage of ‘C’ Bags
The staff side was explained that for the year 2011-2012, much of the supply has already started and there are only 2 companies which are yet to start it. Further, action has already been initiated to ensure timely supply of bags for 2012-2013 & 2013-2014. The staff side was also apprised about the constitution of a Committee which will consider decentralization of procurement of stores of other than prescribed sizes, and the Committee will submit its report within one month.
7. Change of nomenclature of cleaners in MMS
Redesignation of Cleaner as Helpers may go against their interest and, therefore, it was agreed to drop the item.
8. Change of Recruitment Rules ensuring parity in recruitment to the posts of Postmen and Mailguards in the Department of Posts
The Recruitment Rules for the posts of Postmen and Mailguards have been revised and notified in the Gazette of India after due deliberations. In the background of the above, the item is treated as closed.
9. Recruitment in the cadre of erstwhile Group D upgraded as Multi Skilled Employees in the Department of Posts
In the background of Revised Rules of MTS it was agreed to close the item.
10. Providing additional hand to single handed offices due to decentralization of RD Work etc.
The staff side drew attention to the agreement reached in an earlier meeting of the Departmental Council (JCM) in 2006 in the wake of which a Sub Committee was constituted, which submitted its report in favour of the proposal. In turn, it was explained to them that norms for the work of decentralized schemes like RD/MIS have already been finalized and further, redeployment was within the power of the CPMSG.
11. Implementation of recommendations of the 5th CPC with regard to payment of cash handling allowance to treasurers and Asst. Treasurers in Post Offices.
The Staff Side was informed that the proposal was taken up with the Ministry of Finance in 2010 but it was not agreed to. However, it was decided to once again take up the matter with the Ministry of Finance.
12. Payment of OSA and other benefits to MMS staff on par with RMS Staff.
The proposal of the Staff Side was agreed to. Order in this regard will be issued shortly.
13. Allot 19% Group B vacancies for General line and permit all Group C officials in Postal, RMS, Admn. And Postal A/Cs with minimum 20 years of service to appear in the exam by dispensing with present reservation of posts to RMS & Admn. Staff.
It was agreed to constitute a Committee which will look into the matter (other than Postal Accounts) and submit its report within 2 months.
14. ACP Scheme to wiremen and electrical staff.
In the background of instructions issued by the Department vide No. 2-13/2009/PCC dated 12.08.2012, it was agreed to close the item.
15. Streamlining the work of Cash Certificates and causing uniform work procedure.
The staff side was informed about the norms having been issued on 26.04.2010, a copy of which was supplied.
16. Anomaly in the preparation of PA gradation list. Date of confirmation should not be taken now and d ate of appointment be taken for construing seniority. Fixing seniority based on the date of confirmation in unconstitutional and discriminatory and dropping of confirmation examination.
It was agreed to refer the matter to the Committee constituted to consider item No.13.
17. Ensure speedy verification of caste.
It was agreed to reiterate the instructions of DOPT to the Maharashtra Circle.
18. Merger of Despatch Riders with the Drivers.
In the background of different rules of recruitment for the post of Despatch Riders and Drivers, the proposal could not be agreed to.
19. Allowing lift operators to sit for the LGO examination.
It was explained that it was a different category altogether and thus it would not be possible to allow the Lift Operators to sit for LGO examination.
Annexure -2
1.Non absorption of Lift Operators
Referring to the case of 5 Lift operators working at Howrah Post Office building, the Staff Side was informed that it appeared to be a case of absorption of Casual Labourers and not Lift operators and therefore it was agreed to drop the item.
2. Relaxation of educational qualification in respect of widow applicant for compassionate appointment.
The staff side was apprised of the position that prior to implementation of the recommendations of 6th CPC, in case of widows the provision to relax the educational qualification existed subject to the condition that it would not adversely affect the work. The above clause has been found missing in the 6th CPC recommendation and, therefore, its continuance thereafter will be ascertained from the Department of Personnel & Training.
3. Request for correct identification of Speed Post Hubs.
The staff side was informed that selection of Speed Post Hubs was done as part of Mail Network Optimisation Project after a comprehensive study of the network and taking into account mail volume Air/Rail/Road connectivity into account. In regard to Asansol, the Chairperson explained her discussions with the CPMG West Bengal in which he was asked to increase the mail business during the next 3 months and the position will be reviewed thereafter. The point of Guntakal having better connectivity then Kurnool this justifying its identity as hub was also mentioned by the staff side. M B division will have this examined.
4. Request to issue instructions to the Heads of Circles to follow the Directorate order in respect of Speed Post Norms.
The instructions have already been issued and therefore it was agreed to drop the item. A copy of the instructions will, however, be made available to the staff side.
5. Request to extend the Station Tenure to Senior Manager Cadre in MMS.
The proposal of the Staff Side that rotational transfers should be done on time, was agreed to by the Chairperson.
6. Incentive structure for handling UIDAI (Aadhar) cards to the PO staff.
The contention of the staff side was that Aadhar Cards were being handed over to the Postmen for delivery along with other dak which form part of their normal duties without considering their limitations in this regard. Mention was also made about higher rate of incentive being paid in Andhra Pradesh Circle with a request to follow it in other Circles.
It was clarified to the staff side that there is a provision to ensure delivery of Aadhar Cards within 15 days from the date of booking and it was quite a relaxed condition, in comparison to other Speed Post articles. In the matter of payment of incentive, the Chairperson agreed to reiterate the instructions in relation to Speed Post articles (including Aadhar) of the Department to all Heads of Circles. Higher incentive cannot be approved.
7. Reassessment of the Role of the Office Supdts. Working in Circle Administrative offices including the office of the DPLI and upgradation of them as the holder of Gazetted Group-B posts.
It was not agreed to. The item may be closed.
8. Promotion of senior most HSG-I in each regional office as office Supdt.
It was not agreed to. The item may be closed.
9. Release the Pension/DCRG of employees against whom minor penalty proceedings concluded after retirement.
In the light of instructions having been issued by the Department and reiterated vide letter dated 10.02.2012, it was agreed to close the item.
10. Pay protection to employees who seek transfer to a lower post under FR 15(a)/transfer under Rule 38.
It was agreed to have a relook into the matter.
11. Construction of Departmental Buildings for Postal Accounts Offices at Hyderabad, Trivandrum and Patna.
The Staff side was informed that all the 3 projects will be considered for construction during the 12th Plan period, subject to availability of funds.
12. To fill up the time scale Driver Post at MMS.
It was agreed to have a relook into the matter of filling up of all residual vacancies of Drivers in the MMS.
13. Revival of Bandel and Barasat RMS in West Bengal Circle.
The staff side contented that the closure of these offices was against the agreement reached with them and requested for their revival. The staff side was explained that in view of the networking exercise, L1 and L2 has to be followed and therefore this item become irrelevant. It was further clarified that in the wake of networking exercise, number of mail offices with less than 10,000 mails are being allowed to continue. In the light of the above discussions, the item is treated as closed.
14. Problem arisen subsequent on centralization of Tax related work at HO in S.B.Branch.
The staff side was apprised that TDS is a mandatory income tax requirement and is part of the statutory requirement when commission is paid to agents. There is every possibility that the issues raised by them will be sorted out by the new software. It was further stated that in case the issue does not get resolved with the new Financial Services software, this would be examined separately.
15. Posting of in charge of BPC – regarding.
It was agreed to look into the matter.
16. Request for procurement and supply of scanner to HOs and SOs in Maharashtra Circle effecting MSEDEL bills on e-payment.
The staff side was informed that the matter had been discussed with the CPMG Maharashtra Circle and the possibilities were being explored to split the existing Barcode of Maharashtra State Electricity Board so that it comes within 12 digit Bar code reader. It was also explained that the Department would not be in a position to procure scanner so as to suit the requirement of different organizations, utilizing the services of the Post Office. In the background of the above, the item was closed.
17. Delivery/Remarks on Speed Post articles pertaining to Pass Port - Clarifications sought for.
After discussions, it was agreed to reiterate the instructions of the Department to all concerned.
18. Irregularities in the accounting procedure in Post Offices – case of Delhi Circle.
It was agreed to look into the matter.
19. Postal Assistant Direct recruitment – compulsory education in regional language – regarding.
The staff side was informed that in the new recruitment rules for PA/SA, the condition has been changed as regional language/Hindi. After detailed discussions, it was agreed to close the item.
20. Reduction of tenure in the Naxalite threat areas in Baster division, Chattisgarh circle.
The staff side was informed that the issue falls within the purview of the Circle Office.
21. Holding of JAO part II Examination – regarding.
It was informed to the staff side that the matter was earlier taken up with the Ministry of Law & Justice and is now under consideration in consultation with the Department of Personnel & Training. It was also stated that in case of eligible candidates, the examination may be conducted without much delay.
22. Arbitrary & irregular Audit objection and recovery of licence fee from the officials provided with rent free recommendation.
In the wake of instructions issued by the CPMG West Bengal, it was agreed to drop the item.
23. Removal of age limit for appearing in IPO exam.
After detailed discussions it was agreed to drop the item.
24. Evolution of norms for all duties performed my Multi tasking staff (erstwhile Group-D).
The staff side was informed that norms for all the duties performed by MTS are being evolved.
25. Creation of justified additional posts while implementing new system for delivery work and allowing postmen to write correct remarks for non delivery.
The issue is under examination by the Postmen Committee, under the Chairpersonship of CGM PLI.
26. Grant of uniform and kit maintenance allowances.
The fact of the matter having been taken up with the Department of Personnel & Training vide letter dated 02.02.2012 was brought to the notice of the staff side.
27. Providing Security to cash overseers.
The staff side was informed that the present cash limits are not so high to provide for the security and further the Circle Heads would be instructed to ensure adherence to the line limits by all concerned. It was also agreed to examine the feasibility of raising line limits and to provide security guards in the Post Offices located in highly sensitive areas. The issue of utilizing services of the bank branches located in the area will also be examined.
28. Incentive to Mail overseers for procuring PRLI Business.
It was agreed to issue a clarification to the effect that Mail Overseers are also eligible for incentives on par with other departmental officials and depending upon the suitability, they can be engaged for this work.
29. Weight and size limit of express post parcels delivery of by Postmen.
It was agreed to reiterate the existing instructions on the subject to all Heads of Circles.
30. To keep status quo in the post of Departmental Stamp Vendor.
The staff side was informed that the issue is covered by the standing instructions on utilization of surplus manpower and redeployment of posts and therefore, the plea to maintain status quo cannot be approved.
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