Saturday 24 March 2012

Frequently Asked Questions - Sanchay Post Version 6.6.1

1.After entering the details in SB >> ECS Debits & Credits form, the transactions are not reflected in LOT.
After entering the details in the COUNTER login, the transaction should be authorized by the Supervisor. Only after the transaction is authorized by the supervisor, it will be reflected in the LOT.
2.Cleared RD PRSS/agent cheques are not shown in ‘RD PRSS Post Entries’ form for selection.
While preparing the cheque list, select the scheme as ‘RDPRSS’ in case of agent’s providing softcopy of the list created through ‘RD Customer Package 3.0’ provided by SDC with version 6.6.1 . These RD PRSS cheques will be displayed in ‘Post RD PRSS Entries’ form for selection after clearance.
3.RD Bulk cheques are not shown in ‘RD Bulk Acceptance’ form.
While preparing the cheque list, select the scheme as ‘RDBULK’ if the list is to be entered manually through ‘Bulk Posting’ form. RD Bulk cheques will be displayed in ‘RD Bulk Acceptance’ form after clearance.
4.An error message ‘Total amount does not tally’ is received when the cheque is selected for RDPRSS posting/RD bulk acceptance. What is the procedure for calculating cheque amount in case of RD PRSS/RD agents?
RD cheques collected from customers / agents should be for amount payable after deduction of rebate and inclusive of default fee, if applicable. A separate cheque should be collected for each list.
5.We are unable to enter transactions for BPL accounts.
For entering transactions in BPL accounts use the SB >> ECS - Debit and credit form (1310) >> Select manual and category as BPL. You will have to select category as INDP for INDP accounts, INWP for INWP accounts and so on.

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