Saturday 24 March 2012

(Q) Transactions in BPL accounts cannot be done in sb form no 1309 i.e sb deposit?
Solution: Use the form number 1310 ECS-Debits and Credits

(Q) While accepting RD bulk acceptance (i.e for opening new acccount) a error comes?

Solution: Use RD bulk setup (rd form no:1110), Add new accounts to the agent, after allotting the number of account to the agent the number will be correctly displayed for the new account

Note: Correct procedure is not yet all given by SDC Lan, while doing new accounts to the agent, the number of accounts alloted to agent will automatically taken from General account number, thus those account become unallocated and you have to change the run number from supervisor>>instillation>>rd a/c , nominee, AT (form no0453). This step has to done for all agents and have to do daily.

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