Wednesday 11 April 2012

Day - 5

அறிவைத் தேடுவோம் ! அடுத்த தலைமுறை வளர்ப்போம் !

1. Whether reimbursement of conveyance charges will be allowed for the work entrusted on Sundays & holidays?

Ø Yes. The MOF OM No. 1/7/EII (A)/98 dt. 31.07.1998 stipulates that reimbursement of conveyance charges are allowed in case of a non Gazetted employee is deputed on duty to a place away from his head quarters but within the municipal limits of the same city, attending office on Sundays and closed holidays.

If he is deputed beyond 8 kms for such duty, he is covered by T.A rules and entitled for DA. etc.

2. Whether the staff quarters can be forcibly allotted to an employee even though he has not offered his willingness?

Ø No. It should not be thrusted upon any employee against his will and in the absence of a written request for allotment of a Quarter from the employee.
However, it is mandatory for the employee to occupy the rent free attached Quarters provided and if he refused to occupy the same, no HRA can be drawn. This is as per the Dte letter dt. 11.07.2000.

As such, no one should be compelled to accept allotment in Staff quarters.

3. What is the cutoff date for the condition of having not more than two surviving children for family planning Allowance?

Ø The order was issued on 06.07.1999 in which it was categorically stated that the Family Planning Allowance shall be admissible in future only to those C. G. Employees with not more than two surviving children. As such, the condition is not applicable for those having more than two children prior to 06.07.1999. In any place, if the allowance is not drawn, please make representation by citing the above provisions.  Further as per the rules the Allowance is not entitled for those underwent family planning after 50 years age in case of male employee and 45 years in case of female employee.

4. An official is on leave for one month from 10th to 9th of next month. Whether the Transport allowance is entitled for leave period or not?

Ø As per the orders dated 22.02.02, if the period of absence does not cover any calendar month in full, Transport Allowance is admissible for the entire month. The one month leave as stated is spread over for two calendar months. Therefore the official is entitled for Transport Allowance for both the months.

5. What is the time limit for claiming T.A. bill?

Ø As per SR 194-A, it should be preferred within one year. For LTC, it should be preferred within three months from the date of completion of return journey and if advance is paid, it should be preferred within one month.

Posted by All India Postal Employees Union – Group ‘C’ Tamilnadu Circle

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