Monday 23 April 2012

Day - 6

அறிவைத் தேடுவோம் ! அடுத்த தலைமுறை வளர்ப்போம் !

அறிவைத் தேடி .......... பகுதி - 6

1. An official is deputed to one office and he is drawing Daily Allowance for 180 days. Thereafter he has not been paid with any TA/DA. Is it correct?
Ø As per SR 116, the transfer grant is admissible only if change of residence is involved. After 180 days, he can claim T.A bill by changing his residence to the newly posted station. But daily allowance as if temporary transfer will be entitled only up to 180 days.
2. An official, after completing full tenure is transferred to another station at request. Whether he is entitled to claim TA/DA for his transfer?
Ø The Department vide its letter dt. 18.12.95 clarified that officials transferred after completion of full tenure to the place of their choice will be entitled for TA and transit. This is effective from 18.12.95.

3. If there is no change of residence, whether TA is entitled?
Ø No. only one day joining time will be allowed.

4. Whether an official who completed tenure and posted to another station as per his choice is entitled for joining time?
Ø In fact no joining time is admissible for transfers at own request. But in cases of transfers at request after completion of full tenures, the joining time is entitled.

(DG (P) 17-3/94 – FAP dt. 18.12.95)

5. Whether the officials retired can claim TA bills their settlement after retirement?
Ø TA/DA is admissible to all regular employees having not less than 10 years service on their retirement and they can claim all entitlement as on transfer including composite transfer grant, and carriage of personal effects.

They can claim the facility to them and their family from the last station of duty to either declared home town or to any other place where they wish to settle. This should be availed within one year from the date of retirement.

தினம் தொடர்வோம் ....................

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