Sunday 22 April 2012

Subject for Bi-monthly meet - NFPE - P3 Group C

Kindly discuss and set right the following issues prevailing in Srirangam Division during the bi-monthly meet.

1. Supply of one 10 KVA UPS at Perambalur HO. Existing UPS not working.

2. Supply of 3 nos. of AC machines to Perambalur HO (Counter area) as the existing AC machines are out of order for the past 3 years. If AC machines could not be supplied at present alternative arrangement may kindly be made.

3. Filling up the post of Postmaster at Srirangam HO, Turaiyur HO and Perambalur HO

4. Providing of sufficient Laser Printers to needy offices

5. Supplied gensets by Mahindra, Trinity and Honda are not working in many Post Offices in our Division. Action may be taken to repair the gensets as they are in warranty.

6. AMC to Systems and UPS. AMC has been discontinued from 28.02.2012 which results in massive hardware problems.

With regards

T. Tamilselvan (9965428382)
Divisional Secretery
AIPEU Group 'C'
Srirangam Division
Srirangam - 620 006.

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