Tuesday 14 August 2012


Paper I
Part 'A'
25 Questions on General Knowledge - Questions on current events, sports, history, geography, basic economics, general polity, Indian Constitution, science environment etc. - 25 Marks
Part 'B'
25  Questions on Mathematics of matriculation standard which may cover
number system, simplification, decimals, corrections, simple and
compound interest, per  centage, average, profit  &  loss, discount,
menstruation, time & work and time & distance etc. - 25 Marks
Part "C"
25  Questions on English covering grammar (prepositions, adverbs,
conjunction,direct/ indirect speech, singular  &  plural, tenses,
antonyms/synonyms etc - 25 Marks
Part “D" 
25 Questions on Reasoning and analytical Ability - 25 Marks.
Paper II
Computer/ Typing Test (Paper-II): The Typing Test shall be for a duration of 30 minutes (15 minutes each for Typewriting and data entry) consisting of one passage of 450 words in English or 375 words in Hindi to be typed with a minimum speed of 30/25 words per minute respectively & Data entry of some figures and letters each carrying equal marks on Computers. The typing test and test of data entry operations will be conducted on Computer key board but not on type writer.

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