Saturday 23 February 2013

Dies non – No Work No Pay

All the Central Government employees those who are participated in the Two Day Strike have been warned by the government through its circular dated 15-02-2013, that leave of any kind will not be sanctioned for them. It is under stood that the absence of two days in strike period will be treated as Dies non.
The West Bengal State Government too issued a circular a day before , in which it has been said that no leave will be granted to its employees during the strike, and if they aren’t present in office it will be treated as dies non with no salary admissible if they don’t give a suitable reason and produce proper documents for refraining from turning up for duty.
What is Dies non ?
Dies non: In service terms, “dies non” means a day, which cannot be treated as duty for any purpose. It does not constitute break in service. But the period treated as ‘dies non’ does not qualify as service for pensionary benefits or increment.
As per the Postal Manual Volume III, Central Civil Services (Classification,Control and appeal) rules, 1965, the Absence of officials from duty without proper permission or when on duty in office, they have left the office without proper permission or while in the office, they refused to perform the duties assigned to them is subversive of discipline. In cases of such absence from work, the leave sanctioning authority may order that the days on which work is not performed be treated as dies non, i.e. they will neither count as service nor be construed as break in service. This will be without prejudice to any other action that the competent authorities might take against the persons resorting to such practices

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