Tuesday 16 October 2012


Sub: Protection of TRCA of GDS BPM

D.G. Posts No. 5-1/07-WS-I Dated: 15.10.2012

The Matter regarding protection of allowance of GDS BPM in the event of reduction of workload has been engaging attention of the Directorate for some time past. It has now been decided with immediate effect, that in the event of drop in the workload of the BPM to that of the lower slab, protection of allowance (TRCA) at the excising slab of TRCA of GDS BPM would be provided for an year, thereby giving an opportunity to the GDS BPM to improve the workload to the original level or higher. On completion of this one year, a special review will be conducted to assess the workload of the Branch Postmaster and if the workload after review is found to be at reduced level, the allowance will be reduced to corresponding TRCA slab.

These issues with the concurrence of Integrated Finance Wing vide their Diary No. 257/FA/12/CS dated 15.10.2012.


                                                                                               (L.K. GANGADHARAN)

                                                        ASSTT. DIRECTOR GENERAL (ESTABLISHMENT)

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