Saturday 16 June 2012

அறிவைத் தேடி ..................8

அறிவைத் தேடுவோம் ! அடுத்த தலைமுறை வளர்ப்போம் !
1. How many times in a year advance from GPF can be availed?

Ø Even though the orders specify that at least four months’ time gap is required in between two advances and six months time gap for withdrawals, the sanctioning authority may relax this rules. In many circles, the officials are drawing GPF advance as second salary in every month.

2. What is the qualifying service required for an employee for apply withdrawal from GPF? Is there any further relaxation available?

Ø As per Rule 15(i) (A) of the GPF Rules, one should have completed 15 years of service or be should have less than 10 years for his superannuation for making withdrawal from the GPF.

However as per Rules 15(i) (B), the condition need not be applied in case of purchase of ready built house/flat, purchase of site, Construction of house, repairs, reconstruction or repayment of loan taken for the said purposes.

3. Whether the GPF advance already taken may be converted as part final withdrawal?

Ø Yes. GPF advance already availed may be converted in to part final withdrawal, subject to requisite conditions and approval of the competent authority.

4. Whether the GPF accumulations may be brought under salary attachment?

Ø No. As per section 60(i) of CPC 1908, deposits made in GPF cannot be attached under a decree or order of a court of law.

5. Who are the persons the employee may nominate for G.P.F payment in the event of his death? Whether it is compulsory to nominate the spouse?

Ø When the Government servant is having family, the nomination should be only in favour of family members. According to GPF (CS) Rules, any member of the family can be nominated. The subscriber is at liberty even to exclude his wife in the nomination. Family includes spouse, parents, children, minor brothers, unmarried sisters, deceased sons, widow, and children etc. If nomination is made in favour of more than one person, the proportionate share in which the amount will be payable should be specified clearly in the relevant column. At any time, the nomination may be cancelled by the Government servant. Similarly, the Government servant can nominate any one for Group Insurance Scheme also.

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