Saturday 2 June 2012

Incentive for Taking IMT's-- Kerala Circle

Important points of CPMG letter No:FS/100-1/2012(pt) dated at trivandrum the.4.5.2012. regarding Incentive on IMT's

1. Rs 10/- per transaction is allowed for customer oriented expenditure and incentive to the staff

2. Out of Rs 10/-, Rs 2/- Can be allowed to Counter PA as incentive and Rs .1/- for APM/DPM (counter) or SPM/PM himself wherever he /she himself/herself supervise IMTS transaction. The sanction needs to be issued by the Divisional Head based on the performance of the postoffice every month. The remaining Rs.7 may be set aside for Customer-staff oriented Common expenditure

3. A standing Commitee Comprising the Divisional head/ ASP (OD), ASP/IP Sub Division and PM/SPM of the post office may be constituted. The Committee should have not less than three members. They should analyse the requirement of the post office and decide the course of action for the utilization of the amount including Purchase of items of common use and interest to all the staff, For eg Purchase of Cooler,Smaller refrigenator etc would be considered if adequate funds can be generated. The purchase has to be made observing the usual formalities as prescribed in the rules in the regard. the committee can meet at a convenient frequency as per their local needs for taking appropriate decision.

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