Thursday 21 June 2012


இதப் படிங்க முதல்ல ....... இது கற்காலமா .... அல்லது கலிகாலமா ?

No.P3/ -2/MA Dt. 20.06.2012
Smt.Shanthi Nair, IPS,
Chief Postmaster General,
Tamilnadu Circle,
Chennai 600 002.

Respected Madam,

Sub: Harassment of induction trainees and detention of more than 60 trainees
beyond session by the Director ,PTC, Madurai – Reg.
Ref: RJCM meeting discussions dt. 24.08.2011 and the recorded minutes

It is very well discussed in the RJCM meeting mentioned above , on the high handed activities of the Director , PTC, Madurai and about the slavery treatment made against the trainees in the Central Govt. department, which is supposed to be a model employer.

And it is replied in the meeting that suitable action is being taken . Also we have raised about the question paper model practiced in the PTC, Madurai , which is against the set right norms in the Department for various promotional examinations as MCQ. Even this was not corrected till time at PTC, Madurai, though replied in the highest RJCM forum.

This matter was already reported to your kind notice , by our All India Union and by various sister unions on several occasions either on writing or in person and even in periodical meetings, about the variant activities of the Director, PTC, Madurai against the trainees , and even against the Postmaster grade trainees.

Such type of humiliations and harassments are still continuing , even increasing day-by-day. The trainees cannot go on leave even for any death / marriages of their closest relatives or even go out for taking any emergent medical treatment, for the simple reason that they have been agreed for employment in the glorious Central Govt. Department. They are treated as slaves and ordered for impositions hundreds of times, the century old system which was practiced earlier , and now scrapped even at LKG level , treating as a mockery of educational system, and utter human rights violation. The Director, PTC, Madurai is returning to the stone age era.

Now to the added row, about 60 LGO induction trainees are detained , beyond session, for the reason that they have secured marks in the final test as below 60%. Even for any UPSC/Staff Selection Commission or even at entry level or promotional examination of our Dept., the minimum required marks for having a pass is only 40% -45% and these candidates are recruited as P.A. only on this way. The Department has scrapped even the confirmation examination now.

Adding salt to the injury, the Director , PTC asked all the detained trainees to vacate the Hostel and ordered to attend as a day scholar and to have even the food outside the premises. We do not know whether such things will happen even in Uganda. Also we do not know, whether this Department is a model employer or a multi national company.

We , on behalf of all the working staff, bring these matters to your kind personal notice again , with the hope that , being the head of the Circle , you would definitely intervene and set right things at the immediate and to save the trainees from the arrogant hands of the PTC administration.

Expecting kind response and a line in reply.
With regards,

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