Wednesday 15 June 2016


                           ALL   INDIA  POSTAL  EMPLOYEES   UNION  GR  ‘ C’, TN
 P. MOHAN                                       J. RAMAMURTHY                                 A. VEERAMANI
PRESIDENT                                   CIRCLE  SECRETARY                             FIN. SECRETARY

No. P3/ Genl/ TN                                                                                                              dt. 25.5.2016                                                                                          

Com. R. N. Parashar,
General Secretary,
2151/1, New Patel Road,
New Delhi 110 008.

Dear Com.,

Sub: Request for taking up the subjects in general nature/ pending unsettled at Circle
        Level , despite taking up  in periodical meetings such as RJCM and Four Monthly
        Meetings – Reg.

Herewith enclosing the cases to be taken up with Dte.  either they are in general nature or kept pending unsettled for long despite taking up with the Circle head in periodical meetings.  I am giving only the gist and the same may be suitably taken up.

1.     Non implementation of  Dte. Order No. 27-46/2015- PO dt.7.1.2016 as prescribed in Clause 5 of P.O.  Guide  part I , in Tamilnadu Circle  for fixing the business hours in Post Offices including Saturdays. Though the matter has been taken up under item No.6 of the RJCM meeting dt. 4.3.16 and replied favourably,  the CPMG, TN  has issued orders to the sub ordinate authorities, to keep the business hours of the offices as before 7.1.2016, since the matter has been taken up with the Dte. to reconsider the decision,  as it would spoil the business atmosphere. In the changed environment, the Banking sector has declared second and fourth Saturdays are holidays and postal Department is the only department in Central Govt. to keep 6 days week in operative side. Since we have introduced Core Banking and ATM facilities and functioning with all Banking and Insurance services, the facilities of the Banking sector should be extended to the postal employees also. Instead of doing so, it is not correct to snatch the already extended facilities decades together.

2.     There is poor access and even no access in Finacle continuously for the past 10 days throughout the Country affecting the public services very badly. This because of exceeding the capacity of the servers provided by Infosys.  Many Circle Unions have conducted series of programme of trade union action including strike to restore the normal services in Finacle , this matter was  not looked into seriously by the Department . Even though  it was assured to  our Secretary General during the close of March 2016 that two addl. Servers will be provided to Data Centre in order to maintain the services by first week of April 2016, this was not done till date. Hence action is much requested to restore the services in a war footing manner. 
3.     Abnormal delay in granting of Financial Assistance to the GDS  who were affected by  Dec. 2015 Flood in Tamilnadu Circle, though agreed upon by the CPMG, TN  in the RJCM meeting dt.4.3.2016. Even the Natural Calamity advance was not granted to  Tirunelveli District, though declared as flood affected by the State Govt. as in  case of Tuticorin District in Southern Region.

4.     Non Allotment of room to the RJCM Staff side in the recently vacated BSNL building adjacent to Anna Road HPO premises or within the Anna Road HPO premises till date, though agreed upon in the JCM DC Meeting dt. 16.12.2014 and subsequently agreed in the  RJCM meeting dt. 6.8.2015  and 3.4.2016. This shows the attitude of the Circle Administration to honour the decisions of the  JCM.

5.     Review of assessment of vacancies in P.A. cadre in all the Divisions of Tamilnadu Circle as agreed upon in Discussions with the staff side by the Dept. in  F No.08-13/2015-SR dt. 23.11.2015 to include the residual, LR  vacancies etc. and to add the resultant promotional vacancies by 31.3.2016.  There is difference between sanctioned and working strength of P.A.s almost in all the Divisions, because of irregular assessment of vacancies during  the 2005 – 2008.The residual vacancies are  not properly taken into account during that period  by many divisions.  This results in acute shortage of staff throughout the Circle.  The chain of vacancies in resultant promotional posts is also not taken into account.  There should be transparency in the review in consultation with the service unions and all the vacancies should be taken into account before notification of the direct recruitment exam for  2016-17.

6.     As per Dte’s letter 116-15/2013-SB(Pt-SBCO) dated 19.10.2015, Para 1.1 of Annexure –I,  the staff working in SB  branches, now found surplus in SO SB are redeployed to SBCO branches for voucher checking  and other allied SBCO duties.  This is totally against the statutory rules of the Dept. There are separate set of recruitment rules for P.A. and SBCO and the nature of work is totally different. There is no provision in the rules to transfer the general line staff to SBCO branches. The staff are not trained in SBCO modules. We know there are enormous fraud cases emanated exclusively due to misuse in the software area like Karaikudi,  and the poor  staff deployed to SBCO branches will have to face the contributory negligence factor.  This should be stopped forthwith and   the surplus staff found in SO SB branches may be utilized in the newly created CPC/SPOC/BPC area, where there is  requirement of staff.

7.     Request to settle the long pending  peripheral HRA cases of  Tambaram, Chennai City South, Salem West, Salem East, Srirangam and Dharmapuri  Divisions.  Further request to draw higher rate of HRA to the places comes under the urban agglomeration of Greater Chennai City (Metropolitan area) and other cities like Madurai/Coimbatore/Trichy areas, based on the  Census 2011   declaration. When the matter is taken up in the RJCM meeting of TN circle under item 8 , it is replied that  this is being pursued with  Directorate.

8.     As per BD Dte No.16-10/2000-BDD dt. 16.1.2000 Supervisory official should be posted based on the revenue generated at the BPCs, since Contract labourers are engaged and  there is every possibility of emanating  malpractices  there . They are meant for the purpose of accounting, depositing of revenue, payment, data maintenance and supervision. But instead of entrusting this work to the IPs/ASPs in major BPCs such as Chennai GPO, Anna Nagar etc. the Accountants of the office are squeezed to attend this work in addition. If any fraud occurs, they will be fixed as scapegoats and recovery  will be imposed. This should be stopped and suitable action should be taken in accordance with the Dte. guidelines. Further, the provision of incentive to the postal staff, out of commission earned under business package is also denied by the GPO administration. Though instructed vide SR/19-88/110-RJCM dt. 20.10.2011 by the CPMG, TN.  This has been taken up in the RJCM  meeting dt. 4.3.2016 and  replied that due to shortage in IP and ASP line, it could not be implemented.

9.     Non drawal of revised wages/DA and  nonpayment of arrears  from 1.1.2006 to all full time /part time Casual Labourers and nonpayment of weekly off  in Tamilnadu Circle, though ordered by Dte. in No. 2-53/2011-PCC dt.22.1.2015 . They are eligible for weekly off, as per  Dte. lr No.45-60/88-SPB I dt. 7.7.88 for six days continuous work, This was reiterated earlier, by CPMG, TN  in lr. No.REP/84-1/89 dt. 19.4.1990. Divisional Heads are denying their rights on the plea that there is no casual labourer working under their control, despite of issuance of orders by CPMG, TN in No. REP/84-73/11(pt) dt 8.8.13, confirming Dte. lr. No. 65-24/88-SPB I dt. 17.5.1989.    When taken up  in the RJCM meeting  dt. 4.3.2016, the  CPMG, TN has replied that there is no casual labourer working in P.O.s at  present and the persons  presently working  in P.O. are to be named as  daily wagers. Further  it is clarified by the  Circle administration that  those who were engaged prior to 1.9.93 would only be treated as Casual Labourers and the  facilities will be extended to them only. This totally against  the standing orders of the  DOPT and  Dte.  issued from  time   to time.

10.   Request for announcement of LDCE from LGOs to P.A. for the year 2015, since it is already badly delayed. When taken up in the RJCM  meeting dt. 4.3.2016, it is replied that Directorate vide letter in F no. A-34012/01/2015/DE dated 18.12.2015 informed that, the agency for conduct of Limited Departmental Competitive Examination (LDCE) is under finalization and the revised calendar of examination for 2015-2016 for centralized Departmental Examinations will be issued after engagement of the outsourced agency under fresh contract. As the notification, time schedule for said examination are done at Directorate, no action is pending at C.O level. Hence this matter may  be taken up immediately, since  the exam for the year 2016  is also now to be declared and the staff are suffering much , due to acute shortage. The results of the LDCE for filling up of the post of Postman/MG for the year 2015 is also badly delayed, because of the late announcement of the examinations in TN Circle. In many Circles  the exams were conducted earlier  in June 2015, results declared during Sep.2015/Oct.2015 and the  passed candidates joined the posts in the year 2015 itself.

11.   Non settlement of long pending stepping up of pay of the promotee seniors with direct recruited juniors appointed on or after 01.01.2006 cases.  Moreover, fixation of pay cases of several postman staff are also pending in many Divisions interpreting their recruiting units as sub Divisions/units  .  Though this item has been taken up in RJCM and four monthly meetings,  this has not been settled to many officials till date.

12.   Periodical maintenance of staff quarters.  This was not attended to for years-to-gether in several areas like  Teynampet, Anna Nagar, Royapettah etc and even in other Regions also.  Even in many Staff Quarters, the  sewage pipe lines,  water pipe lines , which were laid  for long back are in damaged condition. Replacement of  cement floorings into tiles,  colour washing , cleaning of bushes etc.  are much required. Agency services may be engaged for attending day to day complaints, since there is no Casual Labourer/Mazdoor engaged for this purposes.  This item has been repeatedly taken up with  RJCM meetings , but   it is replied that , for want of sufficient funds these items could not be carried out.

13.   Action requested to build departmental buildings in our vacant land available at Kilpauk, Abibullah Road in T. Nagar in Chennai, Munichalai Road and Arasaradi in Madurai and other sites to use for our department purpose to reduce costs by preventing huge sums being paid as rents. This has been taken up in the RJCM meeting dt. 4.3.2016 and it is replied that  action  being taken with Dte. for inclusion during the next Five Year Plan.
14.   Non giving of LSG postings / PM Grade promotions to the officials in whose cases there is  awarding of ‘Censure” in Tamilnadu Circle, though  there is specific provisions in Rule 11 (27) of CCS (CCA) Rules 1965.  Further,  as per the Cabinet Sectt.(Dept. of Personnel) OM No.21/5/70-Ests(A) dt. 15.5.1971, in case of awarding of  ‘Censure”, the employee should  not be debarred from being considered for promotion. In Tamilnadu circle, the posting orders were not made to two officials namely Sri. Sheik Mathar and Sri. Mohd. Abdul  Rawoof from Kanniyakumari Division,  who were promoted into LSG by due DPC. Promotions were not considered for three officials into PM Grade III, viz. one Sri M. Periyasamy from Cuddalore Dn. Smt. C. Anandhi from Salem West Dn. and  Sri. S. Subramani from Ooty Division. The case of LSG promotion was taken up in the bi-monthly meeting with the PMG, SR and not yet considered even after 5 months and  when the similar case of  permitting  the officials awarded with ‘Censure’ to sit in examination was taken up in the RJCM   dt. 4.3.2016, it was replied that “Directorate orders are clear on this subject and it is being followed. Such officials cannot be permitted to appear for examination”. Hence this may be taken up with Dte.  so as to  follow  the statutory rules of the Department in order to settle these cases immediately.

15.   As per Directorate Letter no. No. 141- l41/2013-SPB-II dated 4.3.2014, Under  R.ule 38 of Postal Man. Vol. IV, an official will be allowed to seek transfer only twice during-his entire service. In both employed cases, this will affect the  interest of the women employees and their  family life. Hence this may be taken up in a suitable manner  so as to  nullify the order or to relax the condition at least to five times in the entire service period.

16.     It has been taken up in the  RJCM meeting dt. 4.3.2016, based on the orders of the  Dte. No.17-103/2007-GDS/1 dt. 17.12.2015 the BPMs may be relieved from combined duty with a view to ensure uninterrupted counter services to the public in the changed scenario. But, it was orally told that, this is not possible and  can be considered only in case of  the             BPMs who are having work load of  5 hrs or more and  replied in writing that “The matter has been taken up with Directorate for clarification”. Hence this may kindly be taken up with Dte. for implementation.   

           Thanking you Com.,
           Fraternally yours,
           (J. RAMAMURTHY),

           & PRESIDENT, CHQ.                                                                                

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